Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Reality Trumped

#IPaidMoreTaxes than Trump by far!. Trump wants his base & the low information folks we call the #undecided to believe that the protests + stress is all because this is Biden's America! That's crazy.

#REALITYmatters The feelings of extreme stress caused by the promotion of HATE over the last few years have fueled this. Trump's bigotry and misogamy comes through loud and clear, not just to Trumpies but to those on the other side. His undecisive actions, tacit & even outright approval of dangerous disinformation concerning the #PANDEMIC have damaged our country's economy and made US sicker in many ways. He even uses the wise advice to #WearaMask to promote hate.
He is harming our environment by rolling back countless regulations that have lessened the speed of #ClimateChange, draining our hope.
Trump pushes HATE, NOT hope, and that makes America NOT so great.. Please learning about the #Whistleblower she is a political prisoner and really a POW in Putin's war against our democracy! Trump is his most dangerous weapon. www.standwithREALITY.org