Wednesday, October 02, 2019

WOW -Trump's presser was nuts used a few of his favs like "Stable genius" "Fake news" and called CNN reporters corrupt -saying we would be better off without them:(
Also just saw this from the #WeThePeopleMarch Wendy Meer Collins -Reality's mom good friend has daughters around the same age.Good job! via @YouTube Brief talk on Reality! I should have ended the way she did:)
Meanwhile Putin was just making jokes about interfering in our elections -saying he would do it again in 2020.
USAF veteran #RealityWinner?! Trump knows she is his political prisoner! #trumpRUSSIA #Whistleblower -this is NO joke, 5+ years in prison, after serving 6 in military-right out of high school!! See for more info #FreeRealityWinner !

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