Monday, May 27, 2019

#ClimateReality matters!   2 important related issues, concern me: The Mainstream Media when reporting on #climatechange related news & severe weather: heat waves and storms- should always mention #globalwarming
The other is that #POLITICSmatter! Congress matters, and they need to hear from US All!
I want to encourage everyone to write and call; using or @ResistBot on Twitter or by text- there are APs for both for smart phones or can use on computer.!/ is a very easy way to write!

I try online here-FB Twitter & Instagram to share important information, including the important political aspect, of our grim #climateREALITY right now: #TrumPIGnorance’s damaging decisions, and how he got to be POTUS! = #TrumpRUSSIA multifaceted disinformation attack on US, & #VoterSuppression!
USAF veteran #RealityWinner will have been incarcerated 2 years on June 3, with 3 years + 3mo to go. The #Whistleblower sent documentation of Russian hacking and meddling in our elections, to a reporter on same day Trump fired Comey. Trump Knows!
GREED and Voter Suppression are keeping US from achieving goals or making meaningful progress.
#REALITYmatters I actually think our world would of/could of been in a much better place if Al Gore had won POTUS in 2000! He didn’t due to voter suppression. Election fraud is an ongoing disaster in our country and others. We are also not the only ones attacked by Russians with a hateful disinformation campaign.
I am amazed/overwhelmed at how many important things are happening locally too, but my focus is more on the truth coming out and 2020, Trolls and bots are attacking US already as well as their far-right American partners. I am all ready finding bogus accounts, that just respond to posts, promoting hate/trump or certain f a r left candidates. Ugh!
We need the TRUTH to win. #FreeRealityWinner
Patriotic people who care give US hope!