Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Photos from #MakeitPUBLIC rally #TuesdayswithTillis #MuellerTime
My request to Congress:
 Please make the Mueller report public as much as possible. . We should be able to read the answers, Trump gave to the investigators' questions, in writing.
Also Please explain : Why was Erik Prince at the #TrumpTower and Seychelles meetings with Jared Kushner, other members of team Trump?  Who were the other participants, and why were they there?
Why is USAF veteran #RealityWinner in pr
Trump knows about her case, even called the #whistleblower "small potatoes".
Trump's DOJ ironically charged her with ESPIONAGE!
Reality leaked proof that Russians hacked into and meddled in our elections-including Voter Registration Systems! How long has Trump and other members of his team, been aware that the Russians hacked emails, promoted heinous lies on the internet, and attacked our actual vote?
How much of the above did you know, and when did you know it? How much money has your campaign received which originated from Russia. What will you do about this. I think this money should be used to help our country perhaps pay for the related investigations.
Please stand up for our country now. I don't think it helps the GOP to side with Russia, in the long run. Do you?
If so why?

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