Tuesday, March 19, 2019

My Letter to Congress - #ClimateReality

We  are very concerned with the serious threats to our lives and economy, related to the reality of climate change. President Trump's frequent comments and tweets negating the science of global warming, and his inability to lead on the urgent issues surrounding climate reality are a serious threat to the health and safety of your constituents, and our world.
Statewide many communities are still dealing with contamination from large energy corporations. Many are concerned with preserving our vibrant and beautiful coastlines. Our sea life and fishing are endangered by pollution, global warming and the prospect of offshore drilling.
Poor families and communities are often the hardest hit, in many ways. More severe  temperatures, both hot and cold, make life more difficult, and expensive. Our poor communities have long suffered disproportionately due to the dumping of toxic waste, pipe lines, and proximity to fossil fuel processing and burning facilities. They have a much higher incidence of asthma, other respiratory  diseases, many forms of cancer and other ailments.
Nationwide US citizens and our economy are being harmed by the increasing number and severity of storms of many kind. Droughts lead to the failure of crops and farms, and to fires. Migration often results from global warming, as once fertile productive farmlands become unusable. The families leave often first to the cities, where displacement and desperation leads to an increase in violence. The issues are complex but even the Pentagon acknowledges climate change as a national security issue, throughout our world.
WE need you to care, and act with a sense of urgency on these matters. Please consider carefully the New Green Deal, in its entirety. Climate change is science, it is an emergency and not a political game.
Please consider the current administration’s many rollbacks on regulations and the harm that has caused. The guidelines of the Paris Accord are still in effect until 2020, and should be followed. Hopefully, these guidelines will be improved when it is time to renew our membership.
Please support and help pass the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This could reduce emissions by 40% in 12 years. It could create over 2 million jobs, as we transition to more green energy sources. This is a realistic bipartisan climate solution to a crisis becoming more tragic by the day. It will improve the health of many Americans and the funds raised can be put to good use, to improve all our lives.
Thank you for your consideration.
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