Friday, May 04, 2018

We need a big to wash away here is a video I made for NC2   TY to   for inspiration on many progressive issue that matter. Primaries matter, 

 I support on the Democrat ticket - Ken Romley For Congress in #NC2 because he is brilliant, yet he listens to others patiently and calmly. He can keep his cool, even his sense of humor under pressure. He truly will bring new ideas, innovation and integrity to Congress! He has the energy and tenacity to work effectively in congress on many important progressive issues.
Primaries matter too! Today and tomorrow are the last days for EARLY Voting. May 8th is the NC primary.
We need to put our BEST candidates forward, and I say that about both parties, sincerely. Choose someone who will meet with you to discuss issues, professionally yet with passion and compassion.
Being a Congress person is a JOB, it's not meant to be a luxury cruise supported by big shots with pockets full of money, who only listen to and vote in favor of whatever, whoever will float their boat wants.
Honestly, I think Allen Chesser for Congress is a fine candidate on the Republican side. He shows up even in what some might consider 'enemy territory' such as forums sponsored by Indivisible and other community groups. He remains cool and calm, and articulates his conservative beliefs in a direct thoughtful respectful manor. He is a veteran and law enforcement officer.
I think RESPECT for the RULE of LAW is missing in WDC currently.
I also think debates between Allen Chesser for Congress & Ken Romley For Congress would be interesting and meaningful and focused on REAL issues that matter. I actually think it would be a tougher race. So my REPUB friends, maybe you should just let sleepy George cruise through. If you don't CARE about having someone who really cares about issues that matter to you!

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