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#NC District 2 candidates for US Congress forum in Louisburg, NC with Ken Romley, Wendy May, Linda Coleman and Allen Chessner.
in Louisburg, NC 4/13/2018 a few of MY observations and thoughts. Highlights not a blow by blow:) 
First of course we had brief introductions: 
Wendy May emphasized that she is a disabled veteran and spoke about her plan for America's Renewal and her desire to improve the lives of the working poor. Democrat
Linda Coleman spoke about her life spent in public service as a teacher and administrator, and in several elected positions; County Commissioner and in the General Assembly. She emphasized her concerns regarding healthcare, raising wages, creating jobs, and improving education, and specifically focusing on the skills gap. Democrat
Allen Chesser very clearly and interestingly stated that he is the ONLY conservative in the race. He also is a veteran and has served as a policeman in Nags Head and Raleigh, NC. Republican 
Ken Romley introduced himself as a successful business man married for 25 years with 2 kids in college. His education is in engineering and technology. He was not interested in running for office until 2016. He stated that he believes he knows how to help improve the economy to benefit everyone and create more opportunity. He also emphasized the importance of meeting and talking with many people throughout the community. 
More on the discussions below.

Questions were in various categories such as DEFENSE- a question was asked regarding Defense contractors excessively high salaries for CEOs. Each question-I will mention answer highlights in replies to the comments. If anyone wants to add-their opinion or clarification of answers, feel free. Of course any excessive negativity will be deleted.

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George Holding was represented by an EMPTY chair.
 Coleman- felt it was not fair and mentioned her background in human resources and that she felt there should be salary classifications.

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 Chesser- NO wage control dictated by government, but Congress can choose a company based on their approval of the companies policies.

Romley- Brought up the related issue of Defense lobbyist funneling money to Congress which can affect decision making and needing accountability.

 May- elaborated on how the 1% asserts too much control over us via big money in politics.
Please remember the candidates took turns being the 1st to answer-the 1st speaker had 2 mins. followed by 1 min each. So that affected how much they said and the points they each made. Social Security & Medicare- Should payroll tax on Seniors be eliminated...

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 Chesser spoke of government waste. He would like to eliminate ALL income tax and only have a "fair" tax /based on sales tax.

 Romley -yes, also that Social Security is and can be solvent.

 Coleman- a SALES TAX is a regressive tax and Social Security is solvent. (I'm adding this definition for clarification purposes " income tax systems employ a progressive schedule that taxes high earners at a higher percentage rate than low earners...Examples of regressive taxes include sales taxes.." regressive taxes harm lower wage earners who spend a higher percent of their income, more)

May- YES & emphasized the importance of a living wage for all.    
QUESTION- Should we raise the age of eligibility for Medicare to 69

Coleman - NO
 Chesser- revamp entire system

Romley Medical care is too expensive, some of this is due to too much BIG $ in politics. There is little incentive to keep cost low. Also wants all people to be covered.More questions can be found on Facebook page- 

few more final comments at the end -again it's just my impressions but there is a video and please visit candidates web sites for more information.

 Coleman wants to be a VOICE for us on issues: jobs, wages, healthcare, education, so we can participate in NC's prosperity.

Chesser - GUNS (Sadly all he mentioned in VERY brief closing -in fairness I think most Republicans in audience I think were his entourage and he knows they already knew how he felt. But I told him I wish he had said more. Although I disagree with him on many issues, I thought

overall many of his answers made some valid points and were well spoken)

 Romley - He wants to bring changes to make government more effective. Science based creativity, ideas, integrity and innovation, to make government work better for everyone.

 May -I'm a disabled Veteran. Please visit web site.

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