Friday, March 02, 2018

Facebook currently allows pages and posts about crisis actors, false flags, outright bigotry, fake news- even when produced by Russian trolls and bots, as well as death threats against journalists and politicians!

They apparently have no problem with “Pizza-Gate wherein innocent people and not just the famous or rich  were accused of horrendous crimes, which led to attempted mass murder of diners in a restaurant in WDC! 

Facebook also has no problem with a page called Sandy Hook Hoax which mocks the tragedy and attacks the families and others as crisis actors and liars!. 
This was my response to Facebook when informed that none of the above issues “violate their Community Standards”
“Disgusting! You need to take this down. 20 little children had their bodies torn apart and these people are treating this as a joke for political reasons to promote hate!”
“There is no place for pizza-gate = dangerous lies - some produced in Russia, that promote violence against real people in our country!”

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