Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Sometimes the issues we deal with can seem so overwhelming, yet this blog has certainly been under performing. My fault of course:) I'm hoping to make a positive change. Because that is what this is ALL about. First just so you know, here is our Facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/PatrioticPeopleCARE/

I received notification that it was time to renew the domain name, and by golly I want to make better use of my major investment of $12 a year. So, here we go, what really matters, so much...

#trumpRussia #treason Today HOPE Hicks is on her way to testify before Congress. Ivnaka's swimsuit and undie model is an important player in the trump Whitehouse and has been by his side since his days in Trump Tower preparing to occupy our Whitehouse. Trump has bragged about how capable she is and that she's a great piece of tail. I HOPE this will be a break though day but we've thought that so many times. #MuellerTime seems like out most realistic way out of this mess.

I am so appreciative of the many ordinary and extraordinary people who have become activist over the last year. Her in NC the group I am most involved with is Tuesdays with Tillis. Although I hadn't heard about this group which has been protesting every week, in front of  Senator Thom Tillis' Raleigh office, for over a year, till late last Spring while playing golf!  They emphasize various themes, often based on the crisis of the week: #DACA, #HealthCARE, #GERRYMANDERING, #ClimateChange No one is above the Law- Protect the Mueller investigation. They have interesting speakers that work in the related fields, sing, chant and march for peace, justice and our common good.

So, now I will try to come back a bit more often, and keep this blog updated and hopefully add some other activists' opinions and insights. meanwhile here are a couple recent #TuesdayswithTillis pictures. today is Tuesday, so... more later. Today we are discussing the attacks on the ADA, American Disabilities ACT.  Seriously, I wonder if this will matter to any of the American Athletes  who are preparing for the Para-Olympics. I wonder.

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