Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Wiki-leaks timing is interesting. Their BIG picture is do NOT trust any US intelligence? I do not trust them, not sure what their game is, so 1 sided politically - not objective!  Has Putin (nor Trump) ever done anything they disapprove of? They couldn't find #trumptaxe infor or a few of  Vladimir Putin​ requests for some journalists or dissenters to DIE? Are Russians just way to clever for their hackers?  How many of Wiki-bros are #altright 4chan types?
I used to think they were doing some good, but now seem so corrupted. That makes sense because many movements when they become powerful and successful change for the worse.
Anyway- this is CRAZY-good- read below or see video if you want. I am more of a reader than watcher so I really like someone putting her report in print form:)

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