Sunday, March 05, 2017  Link has many interesting reports.
If you got to this link right now scan down to the article on Trump's cabinet secretary of commerce  nominee Wilbur Ross. The story is something eveyrone should read. David Cay Johnston is an amzing research journalist and author. he has been researching and writng about Donald Trump for years.
Trump and his family have numerous dealings with Russian Oligarchs, 1 whom's private jet has even rondevoued in the same airports as Trump's on numerous occasions throughout the campaign!
The many aspects of #treason are mind boggling and complicated. Investigations could go on for years. Frankly that really worries me. I strongly beleive we know enough about dangerous lies, interactions of numerous shady chracters on Team trump with Kremlin Intelligence officials, instances of quid pro quo, that Congress and Vice President Pence should act decisively now.
There must be a way to get the mad man to resign.
#PatrioticPeopleCARE =Patriotism is not just about flag waving and anthem singing, it is about having concern and compassion for our fellow Americans and our world.

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