Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Happy International Women's Day!
Issue #1 is #TREASON Hopefully Pence or Ryan will be president soon, As much as I disagree on most issues with either one but we would be safer and the 'normal' difficult issues we can work on together. But treason is a different kind of thing- Donald J. Trump lied about his + @teamtrump's  communications and meetings with Russians. He also has been involved with so much money laundering with Russian Oligarchs. 
Vladimir Putin did not do all this because he likes Trump, but to harm and weaken US and get the sanctions lifted -worth BILLIONS for those at the top including Trump, and to be able to be more aggressive in the Ukraine and elsewhere.
Of course health care, discrimination, enviornment and #TrumPIGnorance wanting more NUKES while cutting funds for safety and many other public programs are important too. Sadly Repub-puppets priorities are to dismantle public services as quickly as they can, tax breaks + deregulation all for their wealthy Puppet-masters. We sure do have a lot to talk about.

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