Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Save the ACA and maybe me

So much is happening and I like many am very concerned with the Republicans plan to get rid of many of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. I recently retired from full time work and have an ACA plan. In spite of living in a RED state my plan is reasonably affordable. However I am also on the 50+-64 age group that will likely see the cost of a plan go up as much as 75%. This would be unaffordable. I will find myself like many women around my age that have been placed on thyroid meds. Once on them the necessary dosage often increases year by year. You need to return for doctor vists and lab work a couple times a year to renew your prescription. For many women on these meds as well as many other people that will become unaffordable. Most women who cease taking these medications will be unable to work or function and many could die. So here is a link for a petition and I would encourage you to call your Senators and Representatives -which if you are like me you hate doing. Some say the calls are more effective. There is an AP that helps called CALL 5 for android and Apple phones I use it and it is worthwhile. Here is a related petition too: http://petitions.moveon.org/keystoneprogress/sign/i-support-obamacare

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I do not understand how anyone can NOT be appalled by Donald J. Trump 's obnoxious hypocritical comments concerning so many things: He whines about reporters not naming their sources, yet feels free to make outrageous accusations concerning our former President, accusing him of a serious crime, without saying where he got the information. Also he did not say he suspected this, he said it happened, which would mean he has definitive proof. Not so long ago he claimed absolutely that he POTUS 44 was not born in our country from very "credible' sources, but never named them. #trumpLIES and even when caught in hateful lies has never to my knowledge apologized!
He accuses journalist of breaking the law, for discussing 2 pages of his discovered LEAKED tax returns, even though clearly he is wrong in this. He complains about them using information VALIDATED by the Whitehouse and then calls it #fakeNews. Meanwhile he praised criminals who stole private emails and even encouraged Putin's Kremlin hackers to commit more crimes to benefit his campaign.
He attacks our justice system for not allowing him to violate our Constitution, when he has a long history of being involved in thousands of lawsuits both as defendant and plaintiff. He has pleaded guilty to crimes and settled, the way sadly, the very rich,often are allowed to do.
I can't wait for him to be questioned under oath and for his statements to be used against him. I hope someone does their job well and he is forced to resign, impeached and eventually am hopeful that he will be found guilty of  #TREASON.

https://twitter.com/DCReportMedia  You can follow many #trumptreason related news via twitter here here. They also have a Facebook page and this is their main website:  https://www.dcreport.org/about/?utm_source=&utm_medium=&utm_campaign=  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

  1. http://www.alternet.org/investigations/investors-oligarchs-mobsters-and-capital-flight-inside-shadowy-world-trumps-private  An amazing mind boggling DETAILED  article of Trump's many connections to some of the lowest immoral sleaze balls imagineable. Please read all  but also just a connection to the above:

    "Bayrock’s Eurasian Trio were arrested together in Turkey during a police raid on a suspected prostitution ring...
    Turkish investigators reportedly asserted that Arif might be the head of a criminal organization that was trafficking in Russian and Ukrainian escorts, allegedly including some as young as 13. According to these assertions, big-ticket clients were making their selections by way of a modeling agency website, with Arif allegedly handling the logistics..."
  2. Young immigrant models used to entertain wealthy clients seems to be a recurring theme in the history of  TrumPIGnorance .  I wonder about Maria. They said she was just 12.
Another thought that has been buzzing around in my head the last couple weeks and BEFORE the SNL skit was How so many people do know a lot of the details relating to #treason and how complicated it will be to sort it all out. I used the word #COMPLICIT a couple times on twitter and Facebook and was pleased and amazed by the SNL skit. So I put together a couple pics.

 The SNL skit was perfectly cringe-worthy and likely quite accurate. It certainly reflected how what been feeling, when I see her post something about empowering women. Even when she posts pictures of her kids at a science museum. I can't imagine how conflicted she must feel, or maybe NOT? Anyway I would not pick on the kids but she is not a child and she and Jared are very involved and knowledgeable I'm sure. WOW!
So much is happening, if you don't feel overwhelmed and slightly suicidal you either haven't been paying attention or you do not comprehend the seriousness of it all.
How can anyone focus on 1 issue when disaster seems imminent and avoidable only if drastic action is taken immediately, yet everything seems to be moving so painfully slowly.
Have you been fighting the urge to scream? I feel like I am from moment to moment, just holding back.
Environment, health care human rights under assault, and nothing we do, writing, protesting, phone calls, social media seems to be doing a lot. Like we just don't really matter.
Well a few things have got my attention today: yes we all know about 2 pages of Trump taxes, and so many ties to Russian oligarchs and that there are investigations, of some kind....

I want to discuss something else; Another women has come forward, who as a teenager worked at Trump's Mara-largo resort to accuse Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse. Virginia Roberts who accused Epstein, Prince Andrew and famous lawyer and professor Alan Dershowitz, also began as a $9 an hour Mara-largo girl wearing a white min-skirt and tight polo shirt uniform.
Epstein of course was also Trump's codefendant in the #childRAPEtrump case ended abruptly prior to the election, due to numerous death threats. I wonder if there was a generous pay off too, because Epstein had paid numerous accusers off in the past. I also wonder if that would have included the eye-witness who was an Epstein employee a party planner in charge of some of the young talent.
Another side story is the current labor secretary nominee Acosta was instrumental in the sickeningly sweet plea deal Epstein received as a convicted pedophile!
So for those who don't know the case against Trump and Epstein was very brutal. Those attacks allegedly occurred in Epstein's huge upper East Side mansion and involved a runaway girl from the Midwest who was 13, and a 12 year old called Maria. I suspect Maria may have been an immigrant. Both Epstein and Trump are known to have used immigrant girls as 'talent' and Maria apparently disappeared for being uncooperative and complaining that she would tell someone. According to sworn testimony Trump boasted that he made the girl disappear and would do the same to the plaintiff and even go after her family if she EVER told anyone! Sadly an immigrant child may have been easier to dispose of. I wonder #whereisMaria ?

On my Facebook page I have a couple new articles  and a few older links for you to read more https://www.facebook.com/PatrioticPeopleCARE/ 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

#treason is a National Security Crisis. Anyone who has knowledge of treasonous activities and does not act in our best interests IS complicit!
One action recommended is to send a post card with YOUR brief concern about #trumPIGnorance #trumpPUTIN (no threats of violence of course) to the Whitehouse between now -March 15 Ides of March.
I have my postcard ready will mail + tweet pic and message on March 15 to @POTUS  @REALdonaldtrump on Wednesday.

To    POTUS   or President Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC  20500

Friday, March 10, 2017

#treason is multifaceted but certain details are very clear. We need Donald J. Trump FORCED to resign ASAP this is not a BJ by a willing volunteer. 
#impeach @POTUS Roger Stone, Carter Page and Paul Manafort and others are traitors! What also needs to sorted out eventually is how many people were aware of #TREASON and did NOTHING until they had to. At what point do you have to take a stand against,
or be considered complicit?
BTW here is a real seriously funny petition: https://www.change.org/p/nbc-universal-nbc-universal-stop-your-copyright-action-against-the-donald-trump-troll-dolls 
Seriously trolls have been around a lot longer than Universal or Disney or Trump. Trolling during our election was NOT funny and promoted a great deal of hate. 
https://www.change.org/p/nbc-universal-nbc-universal-stop-your-copyright-action-against-the-donald-trump-troll-dolls Please sign and share this very creative talented fellow so he make his trump-troll dolls!

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Just like 'Patriotism' we need to take back what it truly means to Make American Great Again Education MAGA! 
Empowering Americans #MAGA !
That is what my son does, as a theatre teacher in Baltimore. This link is to his Donor's Choice Project: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/a-theatre-classroom-for-the-digital-age/2439062/?utm_source=dc&utm_medium=project&utm_campaign=facebook&rf=facebook-siteshare-2017-03-project-teacher_2342271&challengeid=398663 Google is matching all donations!

Here is another link -ARTIST portraying What makes really  America Great! http://what.makesamericagreat.us/  Fun to look at and can share or buy pictures you like!
Charity and creativity Make American Great again and again....

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Wiki-leaks timing is interesting. Their BIG picture is do NOT trust any US intelligence? I do not trust them, not sure what their game is, so 1 sided politically - not objective!  Has Putin (nor Trump) ever done anything they disapprove of? They couldn't find #trumptaxe infor or a few of  Vladimir Putin​ requests for some journalists or dissenters to DIE? Are Russians just way to clever for their hackers?  How many of Wiki-bros are #altright 4chan types?
I used to think they were doing some good, but now seem so corrupted. That makes sense because many movements when they become powerful and successful change for the worse.
Anyway- this is CRAZY-good- read below or see video if you want. I am more of a reader than watcher so I really like someone putting her report in print form:)  http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/he-was-in-business-with-the-cartoon-caricature-of-corruption-maddow-breaks-down-trump-azerbaijan-report/#.WMAM3ju33t0.facebook
Happy International Women's Day!
Issue #1 is #TREASON Hopefully Pence or Ryan will be president soon, As much as I disagree on most issues with either one but we would be safer and the 'normal' difficult issues we can work on together. But treason is a different kind of thing- Donald J. Trump lied about his + @teamtrump's  communications and meetings with Russians. He also has been involved with so much money laundering with Russian Oligarchs. 
Vladimir Putin did not do all this because he likes Trump, but to harm and weaken US and get the sanctions lifted -worth BILLIONS for those at the top including Trump, and to be able to be more aggressive in the Ukraine and elsewhere.
Of course health care, discrimination, enviornment and #TrumPIGnorance wanting more NUKES while cutting funds for safety and many other public programs are important too. Sadly Repub-puppets priorities are to dismantle public services as quickly as they can, tax breaks + deregulation all for their wealthy Puppet-masters. We sure do have a lot to talk about.

We take a pause from INSANITY and TREASON for something inspiring and also important; our future! Education matters and our Public Schools are in trouble. We need to fight for them in many ways. Donors Choice helps many teachers, here is 1 of them:

My son teaches brilliant kids at Baltimore City High School - considered a high poverty school. They are also dealing with draconian budget cuts. This is NOT a solution of course but can help:  

Google is matching donations to this project! Please click the link to help Alan's kids and/or check out many other worthwhile projects on Donor's Choice.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

https://www.dcreport.org  Link has many interesting reports.
If you got to this link right now scan down to the article on Trump's cabinet secretary of commerce  nominee Wilbur Ross. The story is something eveyrone should read. David Cay Johnston is an amzing research journalist and author. he has been researching and writng about Donald Trump for years.
Trump and his family have numerous dealings with Russian Oligarchs, 1 whom's private jet has even rondevoued in the same airports as Trump's on numerous occasions throughout the campaign!
The many aspects of #treason are mind boggling and complicated. Investigations could go on for years. Frankly that really worries me. I strongly beleive we know enough about dangerous lies, interactions of numerous shady chracters on Team trump with Kremlin Intelligence officials, instances of quid pro quo, that Congress and Vice President Pence should act decisively now.
There must be a way to get the mad man to resign.
#PatrioticPeopleCARE =Patriotism is not just about flag waving and anthem singing, it is about having concern and compassion for our fellow Americans and our world.
Well after a long break from blogging I have decided ti return. For a while I found it more productive to just used Facebook, twitter, and instagram to promote causes and voice my opinions, but there is something special about a blog. So I will try to make it worthwhile for readers but more importantly as another vehicle to share and maybe inspire.
So here we go again a decade later, so much has changed and sadly some things are worse now than I even dreamed (nightmare) they would be: HATE and #TREASON are very tough issues to deal with.
center is a poster I quickly made when Trump came to raleigh during the campain 
I am so sorry for all who are harmed and will do whatever I can to help.