Sunday, January 24, 2010

My friend Eric is going back to Haiti,

"As I was saying in the invitation to join CI, I am trying to raise money so that I can get down there. The founder of the organization, Samuel Perales, is *volunteering* as the IT Coordinator for the command center there on the ground. He is currently working with a University of Miami ...medical project called Medishare. He has said they are terribly understaffed and that he desperately needs my help....
If you can influence folks to donate to this cause, particularly in the here and now, it will go a long way. I know there are a lot of potential causes one might donate to right now, but I think this one is a great value. Once I'm in country, I'll be an unpaid volunteer; I'm just trying to raise money to get there and bring down supplies and donations (likely <$1000 will be enough right now, but the more we receive, the more we'll be able to do, of course)...."
Thanks for your help, He wants to work with this medical group initially, but also to work on the rebuilding and reempowerment efforts. Previously he has worked (volunteer) on installing and teaching computer networks in schools and community centers. Please help if you can. Thank you also to President Obama for allowing us to deduct donations on 2009 taxes- it all helps, when you want to help so much it hurts.

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