Wednesday, October 08, 2008

So just like Bush McCain linked toSun Myung Moon, Iran Contra and Ultra RIGHTWING

death squads.

"In the Iran-Contra affair, the Reagan White House arranged covert arms
shipments to the Contra rebels financed in part by secret arms sales to
Iran. "
Remember which billionaire Bush supporter handled much of the money laundering BTW? Sun Myung Moon.

Moon also gave MAJOR financial support to this radical extremist group.

John McCain’s senior adviser, Charlie Black has some close links to Sun Myung Moon... He helped to arrange that disgustung coronation ceremony in OUR capital! YUK

NO McSAME NO McCAin NO McPain! We need CHANGE!

btw One of the most interesting and reliable resources for related Bush and Sun Myung Moon history and much more is:

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