Saturday, February 23, 2008

March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm link and more...

Stop the killing. Stop the maiming. Stop the economic and environmental devastation. Bring the troops home.

Here is the link to the March 19 th anti-war blogswarm, I have been a bit lazy on-line- buzy with work, life etc.

BUT we should not let a ray of hope blind US to the very dangerous and tragic current realities.

Election fraud also will still be a major concern. Link to info on likely the best film on election fraud, "Uncounted," here: or here: It all relates - because it is a big part of HOW and WHY we have suffered so much BU**SH**.. I am ordering the DVD to share, and so can you.

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libhom said...

Thanks for joining the March 19 Blogswarm Against the Iraq War. Thanks for publicizing it too.