Saturday, October 06, 2007

Help us Stop the Next War, Now!‏ LINK

Please help Code PINK's Prevent War In Iran Campaign a simple action once a week to prevent war with Iran.
So much is happening and this madness needs to END! Please do whatever you can! I was also very glad to see WCW sending this link out in their newsletter:)

Please check it out Time for a National Intervention 10/22, WDC and across the country....

The majority of Americans want us out of Iraq and wish to avoid war with Iran.
It's time for us to step it up and let Congress feel the pressure as we say NO
to war—both the war we've started and the war we want to stop in its tracks. I
just pledged to do one simple act a week to help stop the next war now! ...
CODEPINK, a women-initiated peace group, has created four exiting and meaningful actions to help you connect to your heart, educate yourself and your community,
pressure Congress, and make your opposition to war with Iran visible locally.
The first action I’m doing is really fun and easy—

I’m creating lovely and very meaningful peace necklaces to wear and share, with the “Don’t Attack Iran” message.

Join me in taking this pledge for PEACE today! Visit my special sign up page at: See where it is being sent as illustrated geographically on a map and pass it on to your friends.
There’s a bonus: If I get the most pledges this month, I’ll win a trip to DC to take action with CODEPINK! Help me get to DC by taking the pledge.
Thank you for helping to Stop the Next War Now!
To learn more about CODEPINK please visit

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