Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are the BIG OIL PROFITS worth YOUR child's death?

I am so lucky that I was no longer in the USAR, and that my children in their early 20's did not choose to follow their dad's and mine's footsteps. So many are not so lucky and my heart breaks for them.

...Our troops were told, and believed ...were in Iraq to protect America, to protect their families, heir homes, their friends and neighbors, our democracy. But they were betrayed. Those troops fought and died and were maimed and had their marriages break up for oil company profits. An utter betrayal of our men and
women in uniform and their families, a betrayal of their sacrifices, day after day, month after month, year and year — and for some, forever! Children growing up fatherless or motherless. Men and women without legs or arms or faces —
for oil company profits.
...Iraqis killed, ...maimed, and millions made refugees. For oil profits.
And what profits they are! ..look... study of Iraqi oil contracts by Global Policy Forum, a
consultant to the United Nations Security Council. Or read this editorial from The Daily Times in Pakistan.
...Bush administration has been pushing the Iraqi government to accept
...contracts call for 30-year exclusive rights for British and
American oil companies
, rights that cannot be revoked by future Iraqi
governments. They are called "production sharing agreements" (or
"PSA's") — a legalistic code word. The Iraqi government would
technically own the oil, but could not control it; only the companies could do
that. ExxonMobil and others would invest in developing the infrastructure for
the oil (drilling, oil rigs, refining) and would get 75% of the "cost oil"
profits, until they got their investment back. After that, they would own the
infrastructure (paid for by oil profits), and then get 20% of oil profits after
that (twice the usual rate). The profits are estimated to be in the hundreds of
billions of dollars. .... Iraqi people would have no democratic control
over their own major resource
. No other Middle ...polls show the Iraqi
people overwhelmingly against ......

and speaking of our democracy... or maybe you best not- "PLEASE don't TASE me Bro!"

you won the 2004 election - isn’t that amazing? There were multiple reports of disenfranchising of Black voters on the day of the election in 2004 in Florida and Ohio. …

How could you concede the election on the day?

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