Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some pics from the Journey for HUMANITY and great links

GoldStar Dad Carlos Arredondo and poet Rick Burneley in Greensboro. We accompanied the Journiers to Howard Coble's office for a brief demonstration before they moved on to the Cradle of Impeachment to meet with members of the Grass Routes Impeachment Movement, and then on to Lynburg Va. WDC and beyond... video of Carlos and more on his story here:

If you can't join the Journey for HUMANITY in WDC to demand peace and accountabilty, there is still plenty you can do. Hit the above link for more info and ACTIONS you can take to win the PEACE and help restore our democracy. You can write to the House Judiciary committee very esily using this form. Please do it ASAP- Cindy and many other avtivist will visit John Conyers on Monday to remind congress to do their duty to uphold our constitution and begin IMPEACHMENT preceedings..

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