Friday, May 04, 2007

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" only time I have watched O'Reilly's show was recently when my dear friend Col. Ann Wright, US Army, Ret. was on the program. She was ostensibly on to comment about the Geneva Conventions regarding prisoners of war during the time when Iran was holding some British Marines as prisoners. O'Reilly turned it into brouhaha about Ann being an "America hater." When Ann saliently pointed out the fact that she had served her country in the U.S. Army for 29 years and asked O'Reilly how many years he served, he had her mike cut. After that episode, I went back to working on my computer and a few minutes later O'Reilly was talking about me and how I had the "big money" of George Soros ..."
G.S. is a hero of mine as well BTW , and how dare the far-right BU**SH**ters knock him for promoting DEMOCRACY while BU**SH** gets Billions in support from anti-democractic and anti-christianity Sun Myung Moon - UGH!

BTW don't forget, to hit this and tell everyone...
MOVE ON IMPEACHMENT POLL, and Howard Zinn calls for impeachment by
the PEOPLE ! must read article in The Progressive magazine (February 2007 issue) titled

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