Thursday, May 10, 2007

Attend a Mother's Day Event (vigil, movie or picnic for peace)

or create/ post your event at the above link.
Here is what is happening in the Greensboro area.
Friendly MOMs and other People who CARE
Let's give the general shopping public, a friendly reminder that many Mom's sons and daughters are stuck in Iraq (even worse of course so many killed and seriously injured), and many young parents as well.

I was in the Army reserves my self and can't imagine being gone for 15 mounths at a time, and having to leave again and again for yet another horrendous tour in that HELL of BU**SH**'s making. Please join US, you will still have time for your family's brunch or dinner, but come out and support so many heart broken moms. thanks!
Of ocurse if you can PLEASE consider joining Cindy Sheehan and many others for a
MOTHER of a March on WDC while congress is in session! More info here: and here (also can find local actions)

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