Monday, January 01, 2007

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Some idiot tried to leave a comment COMPLAINING that some people in the photo are smiling- as if that is a BAD thing to do. I guess he thinks that people who care about our young people getting killed, and other serious issues: democracy, global warming ; whatever, they are NOT suppose to smile. I have heard other hateful jerks say such things about Cindy Sheehan. As if she has no right to smile anymore, ever. The stupidity of some on the far right is almost as impressive as their smugness. BTW I often reject nasty comments, because I choose not to dirty my blog with them, or provide a link to more hateful spew. Serious respectful comments, and discussions are fine and generally published.
Nice people often smile, especially in warm supportive environments, under blue skies, working together with people they like.
I have attended vigils that were more somber. I wonder if he noticed those photos- many in this blog as well. On this day sure some had some serious moments and discussions, but smiling is a natural thing to do. BTW most people who drove buy were also quite supportive, and that is a very positive sign for our country.
Maybe he thinks only pro-war people are allowed to smile. Frankly I am very tired of the Bu**sh** regime's grinning and gloating. IMHO they have nothing to gloat about, they should feel deeply ashamed.

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