Tuesday, September 12, 2006

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Thank you for telling the truth from your enlightened perspective.
http://video.freevideoblog.com/video/a9f5b4c9-f31a-4628-9462-983901619005.htm flash
We need more honest and compassionate people in the media.

$40 million dollars was spent by far -right fanatics on a politically motivated documentary-dramatization also dubbed "the official story and "how it happened" by ABC and Disney. The broadcast was shown without commercials on prime time. They think it is OK because they say they may have fictionalized some scenes (usually indicates- added dialog ,making it more colorful-time compression- of course-duh) They went way beyond that, and it is glaringly apparent that they did so intentionally for political purposes.

They think it is OK because they could get away with it. We used to have rules, we use to have a media that seem to try harder to be fair and balanced. Professional journalist and reporters that wanted to get it right (not just politically right). We have suffered so much because of fraud and lies.

"No election, whether fair or fraudulent, can legitimize criminal wars on foreign countries, torture, the wholesale violation of human rights, and the end of science and reason."

According to Richard Clarke:
a deep disservice both to history ....
Sadly, ABC's Entertainment Division hired a production company and screen writer who were apparently unqualified to deal with this historically important subject matter.... Some of the most outrageous scenes were removed ... What remains, however, is not the true story as told by the 9-11 Commission.

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