Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Granny knows our WCW! United!::Oct 5::Stand up for Love!

::The World Can't Wait! cute video promo-link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgKI99OLOuw
Also here is where you can support the Human rights activist brutaly arrested in Charlotte, NC www.petitiononline.com/thefive
We have to stop the BU**SH** which has permeated throughout our goverment, and MORE is coming- it is getting WORSE!
These are pics from other peaceful rallies. Same sh** different places. NJ, NY and Greensboro, NC - are where I witnessed this crap- unjustifiable-arrest-intimidation and brutality- of course WDC-but I never really witnessed anything nasty happen there. Many police-people are nice, but I think certain ones- must get some special instructions- really! Because sometimes this stuff seems to suddenly come right out of the 'blue'.

Defend The Charlotte Five & the Right to Dissent
Sign the petition www.petitiononline.com/thefive
Over 800 have signed in less than 36 hours. It is the 7th most active out of thousands on the petition site. Spread the word!Protesters call for charges to be dropped

People at Saturday's anti-war rally say police violated their rights

An online petition with hundreds of names calls for police to drop charges against protesters arrested Saturday in a scuffle with police in uptown Charlotte.

Six people were arrested ... One of the men arrested was hospitalized overnight Sunday because, he said, police caused broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Protesters say police infringed on the rights they were trying to uphold at Saturday's Human Rights Fest.

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