Thursday, July 13, 2006

Comedy Central Video LINK

Some great interviews with some great authors; John Dean, Al Gore and Helen Thomas.
You know who would be AWESOME on his show???? Greg Palast!!! he could talk about the subverting of democracy in Mexico and here at home! I think it would be a laugh riot, hopefully could lead to a real riot!!! (I know I'm just dreaming sweet dream of restoring our democracy) I just bought the book Armed Madhouse (also Conservatives w/o a Conscience, and An Inconveneint Truth-reccommend movie and book of course, and Watchdogs of Democracy?)
Jon Stewart often is our greatest hope, when it comes to giving our very busy general public a REAL clue.
Here is one more important link concerning election fraud- almost everything you and the DEMOCRATS (some enablers) need to know: You can learn the truth if you do a little work. Then PLEASE do whatever you can to help restore our democracy.

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