Thursday, May 04, 2006

On Mother's Day-do what you can, WDC with Code Pink, or locally

  to help end the war, and the BU**SH** regime. Posted by Picasa
Mother's Day Help to save someone's child.

Someone posted this in the site. Likely most of US could not do this every day, but perhaps once a week, we could, individually or with a friend or 2;

"Simple action to take
I'd like to see him (BU**SH**) gone, the war over.
an idea: make up a sign saying impeach bush/stop the war and every day, (WEEK?)
stand on the roadside and hold it up for the world to see. every day. (WEEK?)
10 minutes - 1 hour, after work, noontime. on your schedule...
We could have 100,000,000 signs on the side of the road every day until
he's gone,the wars over. an easy deal, no cofusion, no permits necessary.
just a personal statement, publicly stating your desires.
every day. Make the commitment....

I really think is be doable for most of US who care!.

As many of you know; I used to live on a main drag- so I could just put a yellow sign out front and feel like I was really doing something, now I live on a culdesac. I feel the need to do something more.

I don't think I can make it to WDC on Mother's Day, but I plan to get together with a few locals to hold up IMPEACH and/or Peace signs around town, perhaps colored pink - 'Mother's for Peace' or something like that,
This of course is an important family day, and many of course are busy with their families.
But pick the day or hopefully DAYS that work for you, and a place where you feel fairly safe , likely you will mak more friends than enemies!
IF you are going to WDC for the Code Pink Mother's Day rally?
Good for you if you are!

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alyceclover said...

Just be careful you post your signs legally, Carolyn Fisher, 53, is in jail, after an arguement with police arouse when she was posting signs about an Impeach Bush meeting, she was going to hold in her home.

Thank you for all your efforts. Bless us all.