Wednesday, February 01, 2006

REALITY Check! Actions speak louder than BU**SH**'

Above link to what really happend when Cindy Sheehan- with a ticket from Congresswoman Woolsey attempted to attend the BU**SH**'s State of the Union address. She knew it would be hard on her, but was apparently somewhat surprised to be arrested-and not for CIVIL Disobedience this time! Guess what remember-this is BU**SH**'s country (for now) and this kind of thing has happend before.
Well at least she was spared the painful experience, of listening to the that CRAP!

I on the other hand, had a wonderful time last evening in my new hometown; Greensboro,NC.
The SCENE was GREAT; We listened to a COOL local band and some inspiring speakers-the lovely Rev. Ferguson, progressive radio (and site admin.:) personality Bruce Burch, some brilliant concerned local and visitng Palestinian students. While the above BU**SH** was happening; a couple hundred freindly folks of diverse ages and backgrounds - (Concern and compassion and AWARENESS-their shared qualities) marched through beautiful Greensboro- right past the former Woolworth's store- (now a preserved memorial of the famous lunch counter boycott).
Well I hope some good will come of it all,those of US who had a tough time last eve, and those of US who had a blast!
Thank you to all who loudly and boldly TOLD the truth about the state of OUR union and our world, in 64 or more cities, all across our country!

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