Saturday, February 04, 2006

Clear and present DANGER! Please read-link here
After too many years watching this man destroy what once was a great nation, I can only conclude that Bush is insane and his insanity is protected by a brain-dead populace and a power-mad political party that can’t possibly accept the sad fact that they helped put a madman in charge of our government and have kept him there.

...those are words I never, ever, thought I’d write about a President or other elected officials of this country. And I wish, with all my heart that I did not have to write them now.

Our positive and important PEACEful action in Greensboro, NC was even spied upon, and people were injured. It could have been worse. I knew some of this, but not the full story!
Detective Ernest Cuthbertson of an undercover spy and “anti-terrorist” unit filmed activist, including license plates on paticipants cars. When questioned, he became violent and very dangerous. Read more at the link.

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David K. said...

This just a note of support for all you are doing on impeachment of GWB and in support of election (vote counting) reforms (which we are hard at work for here in Ohio). Anytime I see Greensboro in a post (like DU today) I'm reminded of the great broadcaster Edward R. Murrow and how much he would have chased the story of your being watched by government operatives. In case you didn't know, Murrow was born near Polecat Creek near Greensboro in Guilford County, the youngest son of Quaker abolitionists. His home was a log cabin without electricity or plumbing, on a farm bringing in only a few hundred dollars a year from corn and hay. You honor him by your activity for getting America back on the true path as a democracy. Thanks for all you do.
David K.
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