Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Washington Post re: yesterdays disappointing Tally

I think genuine concern and compassion for people is an admirable quality, funny how often the far-right folk look down on those who CARE; about the "little" or just regular folks. Alito has a pretty close to ABSOLUTE record of coming outright against individual rights, and consistantly siding with the big bucks.
Well above is a link to the tally, of those who did what they could for US, the brave ones. Sure more dems will vote against Alito today- but it will likely be a token effort. These are the ones who actually stood up for what they believed; http://blogs.washingtonpost.com/cam...call_of_th.html
MY heros;
:Bayh, Ind.; Biden, Del.; Boxer, Calif.; Clinton, N.Y.; Dayton, Minn.; Dodd, Conn.; Durbin, Ill.; Feingold, Wis.; Feinstein, Calif.; Kennedy, Mass.; Kerry, Mass.; Lautenberg, N.J.; Leahy, Vt.; Levin, Mich.; Menendez, N.J.; Mikulski, Md.; Murray, Wash.; Obama, Ill.; Reed, R.I.; Reid, Nev.; Sarbanes, Md.; Schumer, N.Y.; Stabenow, Mich.; Wyden, Ore.

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