Thursday, October 27, 2005

Our World Can't Wait - PHOTO Chain

The World Can't Wait!
Drive Out the Bush Regime!
Mobilize for November 2, 2005!
SIGN UP TO HOST AN EVENT another nice resource for Nov. 2nd.
ANNOUNCING a PHOTO album and World Can't Wait GROUP at flickR WCW Group my pics but also recommend searching anti-war or whatever you are interested in- MANY great photos.
OH BTW one thing cool about Groups on FlickR you can both delete extremist hate spew and threats, and ban a repeat offender from the group.

Harassment, name calling, and smears by far right nut cases are not just for the famous. Far right extremist also try to dominate the world of blogging. Some people from the far right, who promote violence against "liberals' oddly, seem to want constant attention from them, or they keep whining. Because I have a real life, work, family and travel plans. I will not have time to baby sit, and clean up the constant spews they post in the blog comments. I also by my choice, do not wish to be linked, to a blog, that reeks of hate and BU**SH**.
The comments are not a big deal in this blog- this blog is meant to simply inform-by providing links; to information, and actions folks can take to help our country and our world.
I discuss and debate issues on a couple other sites, which are somewhat moderated-eg: Most personnel attacks and threats are not tolerated. Unfortunately on this blog system - evidently the only way you can prevent meanspirited remarks, threats, and name calling, are to close your comments.
So because I am not interested in hearing from one IMHO sick dude, in need of constant attention, sometimes 10-20 times a day, I have to close MY COMMENTS. Oh well. Life goes on, and hope is in the air!

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