Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No to POLITICAL operative/Crony lawyer

http://www.nocrony.com/ petiton/letter OK so sometimes we may agree with some on the far right, but that can be a good thing. If they are willing to acknowledge that the presient's friend and lawyer- a a faithful partner in lies and corruption. is NOT any where near to being the most qulaified candidate, I agree with them.
We should oppose this nomination because this is OUR Supreme Court! This is suppose to be an honerable position.
So don't listen to those Bush butt kissers and quibbling libs, side with Rush and me. (eee-gads)
Also here is the toll free # you can call; 888-355-3588

BTW yes I know the next one may be a "judge" -probaly a real scumball far-right creep, but we will just have to keep fighting.
There are many well qualified, sensible judges out there that have had bi-partisan support. Perhaps because of all the pressure turing up- the BushInc. will be compelled to go with someone decent, honest (as possible) and qualified. IF not compelled to do so they won't. You may also call toll free;
Please call our capitol tollfree number 888-355-3588, and tell your senators we want a well qualified respectable, sensible moderate to replace Sandra Day O'Connor

We are suppose to respect our Supreme Court Judges, so tell them NOT to make a complete mockery out of the system.
I would like to see them nominate someone like JUDGE Ed Prado. He has had bipartisan support, a distinquished career and is also hispanic, which would be a good recognization for our country to make. Appointing an underqualifed token minority is a mistake however. There are many qualified people around for these highest level jobs.
Appointing political operatives and cronies who are not worthy or qualified is terrible for US.
Remember FEMA's BROWN in the future people will likely think that's where the term 'brown nose' origionated.

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