Friday, October 14, 2005

Great new PETITION ! IMPEACH BUSH! link Halleluiah! Greatest petition / PHONE ACTION of OUR TIME! The time is RIGHT!

"By now it is clear that anyone not locked in the basement of Fox News that president Bush and his entire administration lied us into a disastrous, unnecessary, illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Not only did they lie, as demonstrated by the Downing Street minutes, they knowingly conspired in those lies. And they did so maliciously, cynically, and with the intent of enabling their personal business cronies engage in no-bid war profiteering, in effect to embezzle hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal treasury. "
....high level members of the Bush administration committed treason by exposing the identity of an important CIA operative whose dedicated life's mission was preventing the spread of the very weapons of mass destruction the Bush Administration had used against the American public as weapons of fear. ..."

Tell your Representative and both of your Senators it is time to impeach president Bush now!

Please, You can ALSO call your members of Congress - toll-free numbers, 888-818-6641 or 888-355-3588. Just ask to be connected to your one of your senators or your house representative and they'll put you through. Even if you speak to the aides they are very nice to talk to and they DO take notes and report!
Also if you like, or are not sure who to call, there is a simple form you may use.
Tell everyone you can! PLEASE send it to anyone-who has a clue- print it out and give the NUMBERS to your friends who do NOT like to use the computer much! there are still people out there who would prefer to call then e-mail. THANKYOU!
Just read through some of these other links, and YOU know how important this is for US!


Angry Guy said...

I'd like to remind the tinfoil-hat brigade that hangs out at this site that Sunday will be a historic day in Iraq. They're voting freely on their new Constitution. As with their last democratic election we can thank President George W. Bush for his perseverance and determination in the face of negativity like this site manufactures on a daily bases.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Start acting like Americans instead of stooges for the enemy. Had you been in charge back during WW II we'd all be speaking German today and no Jew would exist!

Angry Guy said...

As long as I don't write about the government, religion, politics, and other institutions, I am free to print anything.
-- Beaumarchais

Or anything good about Bush!

jarnocan said...

There is an angry freeper-type stalking this blog- his blog advocates the killing of dissidents including Cindy Sheehan. He is a very "angry man". so sad.