Monday, October 24, 2005

!!Contest enter in comments/ PRIZES!!! Who and what Day???? more info-LINK

Wish I had gotten around to this yesterday but I can't resist.
Pick the day and post below. LIST 3-5 names or-more if you want.

4 points for Day / 6 Points for each Indicted listed up to 5 . / 2 points for additional correct names (also if you pick someone and they are indicted as a co-conspirator 2 points) / minus 2 points for each name submitted but NOT indicted / I think this will work out OK. Anyway should be fun. This is a similar, but seperate contest with additional prizes NOT the same as posted on OLS!

Prizes- 1 T-shirt from my Cafepress (3pages) store (or equivilent in price other merchandize from store) and 1 pin. LINK to store -aslo is on here down below somewhere. 3 pages hit top logo to browse.
#2 Pack of post cards and pin or 4 pins
#3 a pin (3 winners)

To Enter- LIST DAY of Indictements, and at least 3 and up to to 5 of the contenders.

If you don't want merchandise -I will donate equivilent amt. of money to or and send you a notification,if you like.

Contest ends when indictments announced. Should be fun.

Indictment Pool How many and Who? VERY cool and informative link here and another pool you can enter, and of course important ACTION -you may take if you haven't.
There is a brief discription of who the key players are, and links on each name to learn more about who's who. Way cool really - a great resource!

Enter below in comments for CONTEST-I have reopened comment area- (Just ignore the freeper CRAP-name calling etc.- which is why I closed comments for a while). THANKS, keep doing whatever you can to help our world and US!


jarnocan said...

Top link is a great resource but not the contest.
Any entry submitted after the announcements-indictments will of course be ineligible for prizes.
Best wishes to US all!

jarnocan said...

so hypocritical he whines about posts being deleted here but if I post on his blog I am gone POOF!
fine but please don't spew here Let's call a truce.
I do not wish to promote your hateful BLOG here.

jarnocan said...

I an tired of baby sitting and cleaning up after the 'freeper' spew. I have asked the blogspot folks if it is possible to leave comments open, but not have to deal with CONSTANT harassment, by these people. this 'right wing nut job'- thinks I have to follow his dictates on my blog- how silly is that? (oh now he will whine that I used such a term about him- yet their blog is full of degradation, and I read they would like to see dissdent(s) killed on TV.
Honestly, I feel it is my right not to have to have their link and Constant comments on my blog. I do not wish to discuss issues with them on their blog. I don't want to see their blog-it is extremely hateful IMHO.
I do often read in one form or another some conservative view points, but their blog is NOT one I choose to read or discuss. I do not choose to associate with them.
They havn't gotten the message yet, but hopefully they will..

jarnocan said...

wrong blog go back to the one where yout Talk about wanting to see people get killed, and enjoy.