Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Being a Good American the far "RIGHT" way LINK

OK let's have a little more fun while we wait for Merry FITZmas! Click above link.

BUT seriously consider this 2000 soldiers have now died- so many more hurt : If you can not make it to an 'event'elsewhere, PLEASE make the effort, to GATHER with your family, your friends, neighbors or even alone, and come out to your sidewalk, perhaps gather on an intersection, light a candle.
Pause, prey and/or think for a few moments, about our fallen and hurt. Think about all that has happend to US and why.
Then come in, and when you have time; Write and or call your congress people. Tell them we need them to act in good faith for our common good NOW.
I suggest 7PM (after the news-hate to think some will not come out at all because of breaking news) but many are saying 6:30PM. Whatever works for you of course (or not). See below for additional resources for contacting congress etc. Take care.

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