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Our World Can't Wait - PHOTO Chain

The World Can't Wait!
Drive Out the Bush Regime!
Mobilize for November 2, 2005!
SIGN UP TO HOST AN EVENT another nice resource for Nov. 2nd.
ANNOUNCING a PHOTO album and World Can't Wait GROUP at flickR WCW Group my pics but also recommend searching anti-war or whatever you are interested in- MANY great photos.
OH BTW one thing cool about Groups on FlickR you can both delete extremist hate spew and threats, and ban a repeat offender from the group.

Harassment, name calling, and smears by far right nut cases are not just for the famous. Far right extremist also try to dominate the world of blogging. Some people from the far right, who promote violence against "liberals' oddly, seem to want constant attention from them, or they keep whining. Because I have a real life, work, family and travel plans. I will not have time to baby sit, and clean up the constant spews they post in the blog comments. I also by my choice, do not wish to be linked, to a blog, that reeks of hate and BU**SH**.
The comments are not a big deal in this blog- this blog is meant to simply inform-by providing links; to information, and actions folks can take to help our country and our world.
I discuss and debate issues on a couple other sites, which are somewhat moderated-eg: Most personnel attacks and threats are not tolerated. Unfortunately on this blog system - evidently the only way you can prevent meanspirited remarks, threats, and name calling, are to close your comments.
So because I am not interested in hearing from one IMHO sick dude, in need of constant attention, sometimes 10-20 times a day, I have to close MY COMMENTS. Oh well. Life goes on, and hope is in the air!

Bush Crime Commission LINK

There is now a great deal of information on the meetings that happend last weekend in NY. Also You can still write Cspan -link on site above, and request they cover this important event.
BTW the president's close friend Ms. Harriet Miers is no longer a contender for Supreme Court judge. Many of US are happy about that. This could NOT happen at a better time. Will he go more extreme to win back the FAR right, or find a truly qualified and moderate candidate like Judge Ed Prado? Who has been appointed by republicans and endorsed by democrats.
More later , on a break at work.
It is clear that senators would not be satisfied until they gained access to internal documents concerning advice provided during her tenure at the White House -- disclosures that would undermine a president's ability to receive candid counsel," Bush said(
So maybe it is NOT such a good idea to nominate one's own lawyer, and close personnel friend as a Supreme Court Judge? DUH!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Campaign against Depleted Uranium link

How many civilians have also died? Estimates range from 30,000-100,000. I also would like to know the truth about Depleted Uranium, I have included a link above.  Posted by Picasa

Bitter Fruit a tribute to our fallen.

A caring visitor Posted by Picasa by Paul Fusco Focuses on the families and funerals Sad but well done. Even if you do not have much time, worth taking a look and listen. If you have to you can advance to the end.
A Message from Cindy Sheehan There was a man there who had several signs which among them said: "Saddam loves Cindy." This man didn't care that Rumsfeld ... was buddy, buddy with Saddam and gave him or sold him tons of WMD's before he became our enemy. I told this man that he didn't bother me, and he told me I don't bother him either. Well, if I don't bother him, why did he come down and make signs and march for hours screaming that I kill our soldiers? We found out why. He was making 60 dollars an hour to do so from some non-profit, right wing group.
The BushInc. have a history of making Bilions in the defense/WAR industry as well as oil, 'The Iron Triangle'.

Vigil in my home town to support our troops and

bring them home ASAP.

Around 50 people came with their candles. We talked quietly, some prayed. More than 100,000 people signed up to meet at 1,354 candlelight vigils (registered on 1 site- more small informal ones likely took place) They took place Wednesday evening in all 50 states, and of course in Washington DC, to remember and honor our fallen soldiers and ask, "How many more?"

Above title link will take you to the World Can't Wait site, Progressive Dems, Cindy Sheehan, Cornel West, Howard Zinn and many more wonderful people have emdorsed this action on NOv. 2nd.

Being a Good American the far "RIGHT" way LINK

OK let's have a little more fun while we wait for Merry FITZmas! Click above link.

BUT seriously consider this 2000 soldiers have now died- so many more hurt : If you can not make it to an 'event'elsewhere, PLEASE make the effort, to GATHER with your family, your friends, neighbors or even alone, and come out to your sidewalk, perhaps gather on an intersection, light a candle.
Pause, prey and/or think for a few moments, about our fallen and hurt. Think about all that has happend to US and why.
Then come in, and when you have time; Write and or call your congress people. Tell them we need them to act in good faith for our common good NOW.
I suggest 7PM (after the news-hate to think some will not come out at all because of breaking news) but many are saying 6:30PM. Whatever works for you of course (or not). See below for additional resources for contacting congress etc. Take care.

Monday, October 24, 2005

!!Contest enter in comments/ PRIZES!!! Who and what Day???? more info-LINK

Wish I had gotten around to this yesterday but I can't resist.
Pick the day and post below. LIST 3-5 names or-more if you want.

4 points for Day / 6 Points for each Indicted listed up to 5 . / 2 points for additional correct names (also if you pick someone and they are indicted as a co-conspirator 2 points) / minus 2 points for each name submitted but NOT indicted / I think this will work out OK. Anyway should be fun. This is a similar, but seperate contest with additional prizes NOT the same as posted on OLS!

Prizes- 1 T-shirt from my Cafepress (3pages) store (or equivilent in price other merchandize from store) and 1 pin. LINK to store -aslo is on here down below somewhere. 3 pages hit top logo to browse.
#2 Pack of post cards and pin or 4 pins
#3 a pin (3 winners)

To Enter- LIST DAY of Indictements, and at least 3 and up to to 5 of the contenders.

If you don't want merchandise -I will donate equivilent amt. of money to or and send you a notification,if you like.

Contest ends when indictments announced. Should be fun.

Indictment Pool How many and Who? VERY cool and informative link here and another pool you can enter, and of course important ACTION -you may take if you haven't.
There is a brief discription of who the key players are, and links on each name to learn more about who's who. Way cool really - a great resource!

Enter below in comments for CONTEST-I have reopened comment area- (Just ignore the freeper CRAP-name calling etc.- which is why I closed comments for a while). THANKS, keep doing whatever you can to help our world and US!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bush CRIMES LINK HAPPENING in NY but what is happening here is important to all of US and our world, because our and besure to hit this if you haven't may sent letter/YOUR comments to Seantor, rep and local newspaper also toll free #s to call.
IMPEACH Bush for his Crimes against US and our world!

Who will Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald indict? Cool POOL- link.

This is anoter great resource with links to information and a picture of all the likely suspects. You can also find the IMPEACH Bush petition - link on this site.

Also remember in NY last eve and still going on today is the
Bush Crimes Commission more info here;
In the spirit of Nuremberg, the Bertrand Russell Tribunal, and the World Tribunal on Iraq... the first session of the 2005 International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration in NYC. Seats still available for Saturday!
Well the indictments did NOT happen yet- I would suggenst we call those NEWS tip lines and write and ASK/demand they cover this- THEY need to get a CLUE and so does more of the public, and they are ready for the truth! I sincerely think our country can and will make some positive and necessary changes!
Michael Ratner, Marcus Raskin, Howard Zinn keynote indictments on:
Wars of Aggression; Torture and Indefinite Detention; Destruction of the Global Environment; Attacks on Global Public Health and Reproductive Rights. SPECIAL EVIDENTIARY HEARING: HURRICANE KATRINA. Did the Bush Administration commit crimes against humanity? Featuring Witnesses from the Gulf Coast.

I was PLEASED to read this yesterday: "Join new signers Cindy Sheehan, Tom Morello, Anti-Flag, Chris Daly of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Progressive Democrats of America, State Senator Tom Duane of NYC, and 5000 others in signing the World Can't Wait" More info & Please sign
NOV. 2nd-Don't just do your usual thing.
also see;
Join Not in Our Name on Nov. 2, 2005 for a
National Day of Die-In's and Resistance to Endless War and Repression

Friday, October 21, 2005

Put your protest sign on this MAP petition LINK

They have several or write your own!
I wrote; Impeach BUSH for his lies, cruelty and crimes!Restore our democracy! as my comment on my sign-if you put in a zip code you can actually read the signs ALL over the country!
President George W. Bush and his congressional allies want to cut vital survival programs, such as Medicaid, food stamps, education and housing--and give $70 billion in new tax breaks to the rich.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bart's world can't wait!

bart wcw
Originally uploaded by jarnocan. This date is so important to US! Don't just do your usual thing. Mandate Accountability! Regime change ASAP!

WCW 3 witches

WCW 3 witches
Originally uploaded by jarnocan.

International Commission of Inquiry (LINK)

On Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration

Friday, October 14, 2005

Great new PETITION ! IMPEACH BUSH! link Halleluiah! Greatest petition / PHONE ACTION of OUR TIME! The time is RIGHT!

"By now it is clear that anyone not locked in the basement of Fox News that president Bush and his entire administration lied us into a disastrous, unnecessary, illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Not only did they lie, as demonstrated by the Downing Street minutes, they knowingly conspired in those lies. And they did so maliciously, cynically, and with the intent of enabling their personal business cronies engage in no-bid war profiteering, in effect to embezzle hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal treasury. "
....high level members of the Bush administration committed treason by exposing the identity of an important CIA operative whose dedicated life's mission was preventing the spread of the very weapons of mass destruction the Bush Administration had used against the American public as weapons of fear. ..."

Tell your Representative and both of your Senators it is time to impeach president Bush now!

Please, You can ALSO call your members of Congress - toll-free numbers, 888-818-6641 or 888-355-3588. Just ask to be connected to your one of your senators or your house representative and they'll put you through. Even if you speak to the aides they are very nice to talk to and they DO take notes and report!
Also if you like, or are not sure who to call, there is a simple form you may use.
Tell everyone you can! PLEASE send it to anyone-who has a clue- print it out and give the NUMBERS to your friends who do NOT like to use the computer much! there are still people out there who would prefer to call then e-mail. THANKYOU!
Just read through some of these other links, and YOU know how important this is for US!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mass murder? Capital Hill Blue-tells it like it is!

It is time to call the war in Iraq what it really is: the mass murder by the United States of America of at least 150,000 civilians....
The warmongers who try to con us into accepting murder as a justifiable means to an end claim the invasion was a necessary part of the so-called war on terror. Bullshit. The attacks against the Taliban in Afghanistan may have been necessary to flush out al Qaeda and punish those responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks but...-Doug Thompson Some interesting and important going ons in NY next week;
2005 International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed brought to US and our world by the BushInc.

Tell Your Senator Not Another $50,000,000,000.00 for Iraq War they have lost another 100million on top of the 9 billion already unaccounted for.
Demand the Truth About Valerie Plame
PLEASE support Rep. Rush Holt's Resolution of Inquiry (H. RES. 363)
Crisis in Sudan Urge Congress to take action against the genocide in Darfur!
Demand a Resolution of Inquiry now on the Downing Street Memo. Some very important ACTIONs and resources here! Please check this out!

The above pics are from Unicorns and Rainbows' WDC pics. mine are here as well

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Petition Support our troops and U.S. -LINK!

also remember you can call the toll-free Capitol phone number 888-355-3588, and ask to speak to your senators in person to follow up in that way also! Talking to the aides is very worthwhile too, they take notes and pass the information on.
Our Country and Our World Can't Wait! PLEASE sign the CALL, info and more resources.
Don't just do your usual thing- on Nov. 2nd! event announcement on Care2 -more you can do help save/restore our democracy. Very important petitions concerning Verified Voting and links to important information.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Our World Can't Wait

Nov 2nd Don't just stand there do something!

Check out this pic of Harriet Miers and Bush relaxing going over the presidential briefing on August 6th 2001! OMG the day the presidential briefing on Bin Laden came in that the BushInc. lied about so much!

No to POLITICAL operative/Crony lawyer petiton/letter OK so sometimes we may agree with some on the far right, but that can be a good thing. If they are willing to acknowledge that the presient's friend and lawyer- a a faithful partner in lies and corruption. is NOT any where near to being the most qulaified candidate, I agree with them.
We should oppose this nomination because this is OUR Supreme Court! This is suppose to be an honerable position.
So don't listen to those Bush butt kissers and quibbling libs, side with Rush and me. (eee-gads)
Also here is the toll free # you can call; 888-355-3588

BTW yes I know the next one may be a "judge" -probaly a real scumball far-right creep, but we will just have to keep fighting.
There are many well qualified, sensible judges out there that have had bi-partisan support. Perhaps because of all the pressure turing up- the BushInc. will be compelled to go with someone decent, honest (as possible) and qualified. IF not compelled to do so they won't. You may also call toll free;
Please call our capitol tollfree number 888-355-3588, and tell your senators we want a well qualified respectable, sensible moderate to replace Sandra Day O'Connor

We are suppose to respect our Supreme Court Judges, so tell them NOT to make a complete mockery out of the system.
I would like to see them nominate someone like JUDGE Ed Prado. He has had bipartisan support, a distinquished career and is also hispanic, which would be a good recognization for our country to make. Appointing an underqualifed token minority is a mistake however. There are many qualified people around for these highest level jobs.
Appointing political operatives and cronies who are not worthy or qualified is terrible for US.
Remember FEMA's BROWN in the future people will likely think that's where the term 'brown nose' origionated.