Monday, September 05, 2005

TAKE ACTION and tell them how you feel! LINK

Many republicans are still focused on their rich supporters, instead of OUR painful loss.
"In the shadow of the worst natural disaster and response to it in the nation's history the Republican National Committee announced their priority was to continue to push for repeal of the estate tax. It is estimated this would cost the budget $300 billion dollars over 10 years"
Click above link and this one and you may add your important, valid comments. We are in a crisis of historic proportions, and we can not afford their GREED! .1 ACTION - what we can do to help US and our world IMHO.
Do what you can!

10,000+ likely have died-GWB ate cake with cronies! The BushINC. have lied consistantly concerning real science - including global warming- which increases the number and severity of hurricanes, and took MILLIONS of dollars from projects that would have prevented and/or lessened the scope of the tragedy. They also in an evil, clever way attempted to use the out od control actions of a few, to divert attention, and as an excuse for the incompetance of the government's response.

"Although there has been no official estimate of the number of dead, some fear it could top 10,000 in Louisiana alone".,00.html

NBC interview a must see;

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