Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mandate Accountability, demand an independent commission

Mandate accountability! it is the least he can do!
Please help protect US from disaster and terror! something more you can do to help US!
the Bush administration is risking lives for the benefit of the chemical industry. Tons of deadly chemicals are speeding toward densely populated cities day in and day out on our nation’s railways. In the event of a terrorist attack, just one of these trains could kill or injure as many as 100,000 people within 30 minutes. petition congress- read and comment or even compose your own.
There are dangerous chemicals -waste materials easily accessable, and mostly unguarded that could harm and even kill thousands, in various cities.
How well do you think the BushINc. will respond? We need an independent investigation into what really happend and WHY, concerning our American tragedy called Katrina. Please click the above title link and TELL congress to take meaningful action! Mandate accountability now! for Peace helping in La. Help them to help others!
Cindy, Mike and so many others are doing whatever they can to help! thank you to you all, who care and give so much to US!

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