Friday, September 23, 2005

George Soros I respect, BUSH regimes' Moon is a loonie GOON! learn the truth-make the effort. Lance Armstrong and many other wonderful people -famous and not have signed and told their reasons: Why the war in Iraq is not good for US.

The far right makes a big deal in their usual virulent,negative often dostorted way that George soros funds pro-democracy movements. I admire, respect and appreciate him for doing that. He has helped build democracy and more open societies around the world.
What is Open Society?

An open society is a society based on the recognition that nobody has a monopoly on the truth, that different people hold different views and interests, and that there is a need for institutions to protect the rights of all people to allow them to live together in peace....Generally speaking, an open society is characterized by a reliance on the rule of law, the existence of a democratically elected government, a multifarious and vigorous civil society, and respect for minorities as well as minority opinions.
Democracy, equality, education, honesty; aren't these good all-Amercan values? Learn the truth. and then compare him to the Trillionaire-likely #1 $$$$ contributer over many years of the BUSH regime MOONIETOONS -he does NOT believe in democracy at all-so why does he do so much for BUSH? is a source of information on this ugly history of BU**SH**.

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