Friday, September 30, 2005

Tell them we need to EXIT Iraq! TOLL FREE # link more info

Support our troops and our country! (fron an e-mail from the Pen)
You can call your members of Congress right now on one of these toll-free numbers,
888-818-6641 or 888-355-3588. There are operators on duty 24 hours a day. Just ask to be connected to your one of your senators or your house representative and they'll put you through. If you don't know who they all are, or want all their direct phone and fax numbers, just submit the simple form on the right, to get all their numbers right down to their district offices, right here on this page: /

The war in Vietnam almost destroyed our country, until enough people finally spoke out to stop it. You can stop the war in Iraq NOW, if only you will speak out now.
If you want to make sure your message gets through, the one click form below will send your personal message to both of your senators, with the subject "Support our troops, bring them home now." At the same time you can send your personal comments only as a letter to the editor of your nearest local daily newspaper if you like. /
Read our simple, comprehensive plan HOW we're going to stop the war.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Please support our democracy via Verified Voting!
You likely have heard that Jimmy Carter stated that Gore was the true winner of the 2000 election, and as you likely know the 2004 elction was fraudulent as well. Our best chance at having, as honest as possible, elections in the forseeable future is via Congressman Rush Holt's Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (HR 550) See the above link to send a letter to congress- as is or you may edit. to pass this wonderful bill. You also can read a great deal about the bill at the other links, and see picuters from the Verified Voting Lobby Days last June. You may also click this link to access the letter directly; but visit the other blog when you have time,at which I try to post new information and actions specific to restoring our democracy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The truth is on our side-so keep telling the truth. LINK

Some more cool photos here including Greg Palast, Cornel West, Cindy Sheehan and more-shots of the HUGE crowd!

Keep telling everyone you can.

Our World Can't Wait

Gold Star,current soldiers and their families and Vets took part in the protests

Stand with US- sign and comment LINK. thanks!

I just bought this book. He spoke at the Inter-faith service Sat. eve, nad was arrested at the Whitehouse Monday afternoon. A great and brilliant man; Princeton Professor Cornel West.

Monday, September 26, 2005

We must not give up, keep marching ,keep doing whatever you can. Posted by Picasa

Maybe I'll meet Cindy, but I have met so many wonderful people here! We support Cindy because she supports US, and we support each other because we all care! Posted by Picasa

Peace is Patriotic. Posted by Picasa

HUNDREDS of Thosands too many to count, and 99.99% of them dang nice too. Posted by Picasa

Do you DU? I was looking for you! I asked quite a few, if they did DU, but boo hoo, I did not find you. If you do DU and you find your self in my photos. I will send you a T-shirt-one of mine from CAFE Express-I'll wash it first. Heck I can't afford to send you a new one after this trip, but if you don't want the Impeach Bush shirt I wore, maybe I can send you a pin or something. Anyway if you see yourself and want to identify or comment send a comment,or I think you can e-mail me via this blog. Also you may use any pictures in a positive way- to further promote impechment, peace and/or justice. Posted by Picasa

The revolution starts now! The concert was phenomenal! Posted by Picasa

WE made a quick stop along the way from Baltimore. Posted by Picasa

My son holding my sign while I try to get a shot of the large one. Posted by Picasa

Camp Casey Posted by Picasa

Camp Casey- they support US, and deserve our support, respect and gratitude. Posted by Picasa

ready to go Posted by Picasa

Some Code pink / World Can't Wait / Impeach Bush ETC. I think most of the groups and individuals represented are in agreement about the most important issues. Posted by Picasa

a long line of some who died Posted by Picasa

No more lies. Posted by Picasa

Oh to have this feeling about ourselves- as a country again.... Posted by Picasa

Devil sign with NOLA Mardi-gras beads, and sign with Kayne West quote. There was definately some truth to that, but we could likely play fill in the blank, with several other answers as well..  Posted by Picasa

Folks reacting to the the Norquist quote on a truck with a picture of New Orleans drowning. Posted by Picasa

Thank you to everyone who made the effort! Posted by Picasa

Peacemakers:) Posted by Picasa