Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tell me a secret blog LINK to blog

This is a quote from the above blog, by an Iraqi ctitzen-who is a blogger.
I am pro God, I am pro life, I am pro humanity, I am pro truth, and when the American goverment choses to be against all that then damn it: i AM anti American-goverment.
I am concerned about Riverbend now. - she has not blogged since July 15th. Anyone know?

I have a suggested ACTION for everyone - make signs big and little - ASAP write

ONEMILLIONREASONS.ORG on them and hang them everywhere you can.

Get together with a friend and hold up large ones in a well travelled area- perhaps put balloons on your sign- be firendly reach out in a positive way. Encourage them to go to the site and hopefully they will become more aware and the petiton. this is the one that will be delivered to the Whitehouse on Sept 26th by members of Code Pink.

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