Sunday, August 14, 2005

Petition! Keep the pressure on Congress and the President

Another gift idea-inexpensive even to ship some priority mail, and you are supporting a good cause in more than 1 way! Very Bright!from United for Peace and Justice.
too much is happening for him to be enjoying his vacation and hobnobbing with his billionaire buds enjoying their spoils of war. according to Conservative american Mag. ( not liberal ) Cheney has asked Stratcom to draw up war plans to bomb IRAN and even use Nuclear weapons, if we have another major terrorist attack here in the USA, well unfortunately, that would fit in so well with the neocons agenda I guess it's a pretty sure bet. the $ we should have used to truely wage a SENSITIVE as in intelligent war on terror was squadered by Bush on his foolish tax breaks and WAR. They want to win at ANY cost to US and our world!

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