Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Out of Iraq Petition link

so much has happened- the hurricane- devestating. Global warming is a factor - warming ocean temperatures contribute to the amount and severity of these dreadful storms. Bush has done so much to make this situtation worse-denying relaity, distorting information, decreasing FEMA funding, and tying up our precious resources in his sickening war.
Bush Administration Manipulates Science and Censors Scientists
The above link is information, and a petition concerning a sensible plan for US to exit Iraq.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Meet with Cindy Vigil Westfield, NJ 8/17 LINK=TruthOut

Meet with Cindy vigil. Sharing concerns and compassion . Posted by Picasa Emily from the Social Security BU**SH** townhall protest attended the Meet with Cindy vigil with her parents.
The above link takes you to TruthOut's live Cindy blog with videos etc. I would also encourage you to visit their home page and go on from there....We have a right and need to know the truth!

A million reasons

A million reasons
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Ok I am just trying this from a new connection. if you haven't signed this please do!

Meet with Cindy vigil. Westield, NJ 8/17/05

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Westfield, NJ coming together as a community, making connections, and then a moment of silence. Posted by Picasa

Operation Truth LINK

A Message to the Crawford Memorial Vandal
11:00 AM Aug 17, 2005 I am a Veteran of the Iraq war
above link is to article by a vet who is at the vigil with cindy in Crawford.

Bush Inc. must answer for his lies. Posted by Picasa

Here because she cares! Posted by Picasa

Mom with her babes at vigil. Posted by Picasa

Over 1500 vigils planned across our country because so many of US CARE! LINK

Here is a link for you to encourage the media to cover this important event. they need to know how badly we need them to report the truth!

Sad reality of the Hard core Far Right - LINK to another wonderful compassionate FACTUAL site! another great resouce for beautiful flags and information.

The above link goes to a site with many wonderful links to help our troops and our country and some very important, factual information. this person was also villified for telling the truth and doing everything he could to help. I love Michael Moore!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Petition! Keep the pressure on Congress and the President

Another gift idea-inexpensive even to ship some priority mail, and you are supporting a good cause in more than 1 way! Very Bright!from United for Peace and Justice.
too much is happening for him to be enjoying his vacation and hobnobbing with his billionaire buds enjoying their spoils of war. according to Conservative american Mag. ( not liberal ) Cheney has asked Stratcom to draw up war plans to bomb IRAN and even use Nuclear weapons, if we have another major terrorist attack here in the USA, well unfortunately, that would fit in so well with the neocons agenda I guess it's a pretty sure bet. the $ we should have used to truely wage a SENSITIVE as in intelligent war on terror was squadered by Bush on his foolish tax breaks and WAR. They want to win at ANY cost to US and our world!


2 gold star parents from the Truth Out site -LIVE coverage...
A very important site, they have so much important information and wonderful articles. Great coverage, comentary, pictures and video of what is happening in Crawford, Texas. How about sending flowers to Cindy and the others in Crawford? Perhaps you could get together with some friends and do it? The many folks who have made such an effort, would appreciate them, and you would be showing the WORLD you CARE!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Meet with CINDY LINK and move on petition below

Please check out her wonderful site above link and sign the new note for Bush -link on R side of page and add your comment. Thank you Cindy!
Buy or make a postcard. Get one that represents you,
your home town, or your family. (I sent a couple:)

Write a message to Cindy, Show your support.
What would you like her to tell BUSH?

Cindy Sheehan
c/o Crawford Peace House
9142 5th Street
Crawford, TX 76638-3037

Herald - Sign and add your note of support to this note that will be placed in the WACO, Tx. Tribune.
Please make you plans to come to WDC in Sept. Momentum is growing, but so is the danger.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Support Gold Star Mon Cindy Sheehan in Crawford Texas. petition LINK related story
She is a hero. Bush is a coward and a liar. He is back on vacation- where he went leaving US to bleed and die- 4 years ago, and now thousands more have died for their lies and greed. We have a right and a need to know the truth.

The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 by David Griffin is a rivetting, fascinating and important book. I wish everyone would read, consider, and demand real answers to the questions raised by this thought-provoking, factual detailed account concerning many discrepancies in what we were told concerning 911.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Wear red today SUPPORT the troops/ Impeach BUSH

Red for anger because of all the lies, and what they have NOT done to fight terrorism. Red for all the blood spilled needlessly. JUst a ctizen (doing whatever she can...)
Important information and great links.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Anti-Bush photochain at Care 2

Cindy's son did NOT get OUT of IRAQ alive PETITION
Out of Iraq petition petition to support our troops by bringing them home ASAP.

Care enough 2 to do what you can!


Shower curtain from dollar store $1
Marker $1
this message displayed to thosands of folks going to the shore this weekend - PRICELESS

One Million Reasons LINK

a quick suggestion -If you click on the pink and black banner you can save it as a picture and then print it out- or use it as a guide, but I would add the .org so folks will know it is a web site. BTW Riverbend is mentioned on the page-she signed. I hope she is OK- so many are not.

One Million Reasons to End the War in Iraq
Join our Global Call by filling in your information and clicking the 'submit' button below.
And there's room to post your own reason in the 2nd box.

Tell me a secret blog LINK to blog

This is a quote from the above blog, by an Iraqi ctitzen-who is a blogger.
I am pro God, I am pro life, I am pro humanity, I am pro truth, and when the American goverment choses to be against all that then damn it: i AM anti American-goverment.
I am concerned about Riverbend now. - she has not blogged since July 15th. Anyone know?

I have a suggested ACTION for everyone - make signs big and little - ASAP write

ONEMILLIONREASONS.ORG on them and hang them everywhere you can.

Get together with a friend and hold up large ones in a well travelled area- perhaps put balloons on your sign- be firendly reach out in a positive way. Encourage them to go to the site and hopefully they will become more aware and the petiton. this is the one that will be delivered to the Whitehouse on Sept 26th by members of Code Pink.