Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Verified Voting Lobby Days pics LINKS info and more LINK here

I have some information on the tragic, yet inspiring life and struggles of Andy Stephenson of VOTE TRUST here, as well as links to donate to Verified Voting org.s in his memory.
He was one of many heros working very hard to restore our democracy. He said, in reguards to election fraud / elctronic-non-verifiable voting, over a year ago;
"Let people know this is happening. Do what you can." so I am...


tornadowatchf5 said...

The more people who start to open their eyes and ears long enough to finally get a clue that ....guess what? Our president hasnt' been quite forthcoming with us - ever, the better chance we have to save our nation and our future.

In case they don't know what "not exactly forthcoming" means, maybe, "HE lied, THEY died, Keeps the peasants TERRIFIED!" will start to make sense. Whatever it takes!

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See Ya,

Tornado Watch

jarnocan said...

thanks I did:)