Saturday, July 16, 2005

The late Dr. David Kelly-Judith Miller-Palme outing -Rove-Brewster Jennings-pieces of a puzzle

that may present a very big picture if and when solved.

I have spent a good part of my day drawn to the compelling story of Dr. David Kelly, and in paticular that e-mail he sent to Judith Miller-NYT's reporter currently in jail, apparently a big AEI and PNAC fan, and co-author of a book with neocon Laurie Mylroie. see;,2763,1254072,00.html interesting related article.
Shortly before his suicide or (murder?) British WMD inspector Dr. David Kelly,who apparently told the truth to the BBC concerning the yellow cake forgeries and other WMD lies and exaggerations sent this e-mail to Judy;

"I will wait til the end of the week before judging - many dark actors playing games. thanks for your support. I appreciate your friendship at this time".
How do these stories relate?
I now believe petty revenge was only part of the reason for the Palme outing- sort of a bonus. Her outing was much more useful device....

Brewster Jennings the now defunct CIA front operation was a huge, multi-national opearation with offices in WDC and Boston, and was active in the tracking of the proliferation of WMDs, and employed agents and/or correspondents in Iraq, North Korea, Belarus, Russia, South Africa, Iran, Israel, China, Pakistan, Congo (Kinshasa), India, Taiwan, Libya, Syria, Serbia, and Malaysia.
When Valerie Plame’s was outed this entire operation was blown including MANY other agents 'non-official' covers. All the U.S. operatives /contacts within foreign governments and businesses were rendered obsolete and many were endangered.

Saudi Arabia was and still should be a country reguarded with suspician, so the CIA's Plame operation was vital. One of their established connections was with Aramco.
I had written elsewhere prior to the election concerning Aramco, the BCCI, Mahfouz, the Saudi Royals and BushInc.'s suspected links to terrorist.
"The Boston Globe reported that in 2001 ARAMCO had signed a $140 million multi-year contract with Halliburton, then chaired by Dick Cheney, to develop a new oil field. Halliburton does a lot of business in Saudi Arabia. Current estimates of Halliburton contracts or joint ventures in the country run into the tens of billions of dollars."

More details will be revealed I hope.
Any way -stay up on this; the Palme outing is much more significant, and goes far beyond mere revenge. Some info from above wikipedia link and;


tornadowatchf5 said...

Hi, just wondered if you have seen this one yet? Diebold Lobbyist Caught Trying To Bribe Ohio County. If not, and you like the article, please email it to as many blogs, media outlets as you can - that is if you feel comfortable doing so.

Lets not let this one get away from us like the "Downing Street Memo". Sooner or later, someone is going to have to be held accountable, and I think that that time now, should be sooner, rahter than later. Think so?

Well, whether you forward it on or not, at least you may find it a good read for yourself.

Have a great day.


jarnocan said...

thanks- wow- there is so much detailed, precise information and many genuine stories, concerning our election frauds. Yet most folks have little or no clue.
My great hope is that as more truly horrific facts are revealed about the BushInc., then more facts will be deemed truly FAIR GAME.
Thanks to you I just linked to Raw story also- they are a great source of new and important information.

jarnocan said... this is another one with some interesting history, much of it I'm sure true.