Monday, July 11, 2005

Fire Rove petition!

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this is all about trying to supress the truth, and promote the lies and deliberate distortions as revealed in the Downing St. Memo and related documents.


Frederick Rotzien said...

Somebody has got to start watching the History channel..this site makes no common sence in ths scope of history for the past 1000 years
I have never read a site with so much of lack of understanding of world peace or truth in politics.

jarnocan said... and your blog by comparison??? DUH! I have told folks I do not write much on much blog, mostly highlight great factual articles by fantastic writers, and important actions , petitions etc. I like the history channel-I read more than watch TV. Actually if you would like to know more about the very interesting HISTORY of the BUSHINC. check out - Iran Contra, drug/arms smuggling, Saudi Royals, Sun Myung Moon, BCCI- money laundering -and so much more.