Friday, July 22, 2005

Factual concise information with LINKS from his record

BushInc. could have nominated a moderate conservative with MUCH more judicial experiance- Including Judge Ed Prado, but not just him many others more qualified than Roberts. Roberts has only a couple years of judicial expeiance and MANY as a republican operative/corporate lawyer , His record reflects a firm anti-choice, anti-environmental, anti-civil rights, anit-workers. All the issues that hurt regular people and promote the POWERs that be and pay the big pay checks.

I am tired of the folks who are saying they are waiting to hear what he has to say before taking action- YES I think he should have his hearing, and he may be approved, but for most IMPORTANT jobs in the real word, a resume is considered important. ACTIONS speak louder than words alone. A Harvard degree and dancing kid are cool but NOT everything!
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tornadowatchf5 said...

This is true. I thought that maybe, with Bush's wife and mother (daughters? not sure, but probably) pro-choice, I thought that we were probably pretty safe in so far as he wouldn't put in someone who would try to overturn Roe v. Wade. But I guess that my initial conception about the man, when it comes to regarding other people's beliefs and feelings, he has none.

It certainly puts an exclaimation mark on what I had originally thought. It made no difference what-so-ever to him what his own wife and mother think or care about, when he deliberately picked a nominee who obviously is not first-choice material, but who had already stated in the past the he thought that Roe v. Wade was a "wrong decision that should be overruled".

It would be a terrible thing if this country regressed to the days of illegal abortions with unsterilized coathangers, so to speak.

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