Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Does this frighten anyone? link Military's Homeland Security force

It should be reassuring but when viewed as another powerful tool of the BushInc. cabal -which tramples on people's rights- and wants to win and retain it's power at any coust to US, I find it worrisome. there also recently were reports on the military collecting information- they were NOT entitled too.
Pentagon to Share Data With Civilian Agencies
The document, titled "Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support," was signed June 24 by acting Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England and is now a basis for organizing troops, developing weapons and assigning missions. It was released late last week without the sort of formal news conference or background briefing that often accompanies major defense policy statements.

Sorry, but it does remind me of what we used to see in the movies -harsh and ruthless-secret police forces-in regeimes overtly hostile and oppressive toward any dissentors. Perhaps with their 'inside'information they won't even have to wait for a protest= they can just round up the folks ahead of time and prevent any distrubance! I wonder if this force will be fully functioning by Sept 24th?

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