Wednesday, July 27, 2005

As G/G did for them-BUSHINC. is doing to US ( LINK here-another good place to be just because)

this morning I am really feeling overwhelmed and very angry.

All of our many complaints about Bush and his cabal are all part of one big picture.
Our WAR and related issues, restoring US democracy, and Global warming/environmental issues seem most urgent to me right now.
GREED, fanaticism, hypocrisy and a win at any COST to US (and the ends justify the means) philosophy-are what we are up against!

Our national debt is staggering-but the BushInc. does not mind this as they will use it as an excuse to roll back more services- that is part of the reconstructionist/neocon plan.

My son just told me- (and he is a liberal open minded person and samrt too- Cornell and Harvard degrees) that he has NOT heard of the CNP or the reconstructionist- except through me. My feeling on that is- it is OK to disagree, but when people do NOT even have a clue as to the basic facts- how can they comprehend a meaningful discussion?
That is what we are fighting - such ignorance of the facts-not because people are stupid- some are but many are just uninformed- they are busy just trying to make it--and our mainstream media does NOT adequately or fully inform.
People can't be expected to understand the reality, when they hear so little about it.

This is the real war on terror!
We need more people to care! But in order to care they first have to become aware.
Sept 24th is an important date to keep in mind, but don't wait do what you can now.
What more can we do?

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