Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sept 24th in WDC Peace, Justice / PLANS -support on CARE2 LINK
Here is a place you can tell folks that you are coming to WDC, or add your message of support for those that are coming. The above-title link is to share useful information and resources, this one is a photo chain link for before and after the big event. There will be topics-including state by state ones- and you may begin one if you like. Please add useful info or ask questions- we will work together to help folks get the support they need to enable them to join together to work for peace, truth and justice!

One Million Reasons LINK

the above link is for everyone to tell Bush that we should bring OUR troops home, you may add YOUR reason as many have- sports figures,writers,actors, CIA members, soldiers, VETS, MOMS, and ETC. Lance Armstrong, Adrunhati Roy and many many more.... also Code Pink has many worhtwhile activiites, training and support avialble to enable you to come and paticipate for 1 Sept, 24 or several days in WDC.
Join CODEPINK at an action-packed weekend in Washington DC, September 24 - 26

Here is one sad of so many -from the LA TIMES
Innocent civilians, including people who are considered vital to building democracy, are increasingly being killed by U.S. troops

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Democracy in America???? 2006 is already fixed UNLESS... LINK

another Must read if you care about DFA!

DARE call it STOLEN! Be brave! Tell the truth and insist they do as well. LINK to FREE PRESS!

IMHO we will NOT achieve real electoral reform, without acknowledging what really happened. Are we going to go through an expensive, ugly and almost meaningless ritual every couple (4 for the big one of course, but other elctions are also more often fraudulent) years, or fix the problem? We can do it-but first we need to insits on our right to know the truth.
Please read the above LINKed article -concerning Professor Mark Cripin Miller from NYU -so we won't be FOOLED AGAIN and again and again......and tell everyone you know! for more info and actions

Friday, July 29, 2005

Let's Unite for Peace and Justice in WDC on Sept 24th LINK!

Please make the effort, don't be intimidated. I will try to put some info on here for those who may want to stay near WDC and take the train in. There are many resources and folks who can help you with plans. Be there if you possibly can, and if not still do whatever you can to let them know you care!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Distressed about torture? Do something LINK SHOULD TORTURE BE A PRESIDENTIAL POLICY OPTION? PETITION LINK I hope you will tell them NO! Thank you for caring!
Torture is terror! Terror is torture. Both are evil,and we should work to stop both!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

As G/G did for them-BUSHINC. is doing to US ( LINK here-another good place to be just because)

this morning I am really feeling overwhelmed and very angry.

All of our many complaints about Bush and his cabal are all part of one big picture.
Our WAR and related issues, restoring US democracy, and Global warming/environmental issues seem most urgent to me right now.
GREED, fanaticism, hypocrisy and a win at any COST to US (and the ends justify the means) philosophy-are what we are up against!

Our national debt is staggering-but the BushInc. does not mind this as they will use it as an excuse to roll back more services- that is part of the reconstructionist/neocon plan.

My son just told me- (and he is a liberal open minded person and samrt too- Cornell and Harvard degrees) that he has NOT heard of the CNP or the reconstructionist- except through me. My feeling on that is- it is OK to disagree, but when people do NOT even have a clue as to the basic facts- how can they comprehend a meaningful discussion?
That is what we are fighting - such ignorance of the facts-not because people are stupid- some are but many are just uninformed- they are busy just trying to make it--and our mainstream media does NOT adequately or fully inform.
People can't be expected to understand the reality, when they hear so little about it.

This is the real war on terror!
We need more people to care! But in order to care they first have to become aware.
Sept 24th is an important date to keep in mind, but don't wait do what you can now.
What more can we do?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

WAGE Peace - petition to end the war. LINK

there is also a short powerful video. If you click on the video link you may sign the petition at the end.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Factual concise information with LINKS from his record

BushInc. could have nominated a moderate conservative with MUCH more judicial experiance- Including Judge Ed Prado, but not just him many others more qualified than Roberts. Roberts has only a couple years of judicial expeiance and MANY as a republican operative/corporate lawyer , His record reflects a firm anti-choice, anti-environmental, anti-civil rights, anit-workers. All the issues that hurt regular people and promote the POWERs that be and pay the big pay checks.

I am tired of the folks who are saying they are waiting to hear what he has to say before taking action- YES I think he should have his hearing, and he may be approved, but for most IMPORTANT jobs in the real word, a resume is considered important. ACTIONS speak louder than words alone. A Harvard degree and dancing kid are cool but NOT everything!
See more actions below. Thanks!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

SAVE the COURT! LINK-letter/petition re; Judge Roberts

this is their home page. I would recommend keeping this one book marked. They have good information and update frequently. The link to write your senators is near the bottom of the page.

What's at Stake
Who's Who on the Court
Right Wing and the Court
A Look at John Roberts
Why is the Radical Right Rejoicing?

these links and more are on the left side of the page.
Read and think carefully, before you start yawning, and saying I'll just wait and see.
Isn't that a little like how we wound up at war?

NARAL petiton re; protect YOUR RIGHT to choose.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

another Petition re: Supreme Anti-Choice court nomination LINK

Well, He may not be the worse candidate Bush could have found. Judge Roberts is smart, no question there. I just hope he gets a fair hearing, and answers many important questions, and then- we will see. I still am signing the petitions to make as strong a statement as possible, about where to draw the line. Bush is still working on a reconstructionsit mandate. So I would rather make my opinion known, and then see what the response is. the scary part is there are likely going to be several more.... We need to stay focused on the big picture too.
Election Fraud, lies about so many issues, the Dowing St. Memo/Rove/Libby.
BushInc. should be impeached, that is actually still the real deal.

MoveOn’s petition LINK and more petitons...

According to the NY Times
Still conservative leaders who had been well-briefed on the choice before it was announced, were delighted with the selection,....
said Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group. "He promised to nominate someone along the lines of a Scalia or a Thomas, and that is exactly what he has done."

If the reconstructionist like him- that is a very bad sign IMHO.

TRUE MAJORITY petition link

He may be handsome, bright and affable but.....
To learn more about John Robert's disturbing record, check out the following link:

This is still a part of the Reconstructionist plans and mandates to BushInc.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Say NO to TORTURE advocate as Supreme Court Judge

This is a strange one, because conservatives don't want him either. Bush might try to sneak him in as a "moderate' alternative. But come on torture is NOT a liberal virtue. here is the one that mentions the environmental concerns, something that should concern ALL of US. this is a thoughtful one that goes to the Pres. and senators. anerican Association of University women but you don't have to be a member.
The Supreme Court gave Bush the election in 2000, and the reconstructionist (and other GOP operatives) stole the fraudulent 2004 election and gave Bush a MANDATE. It is up to US to not let their mandate to become ours.

Interesting blog and you can link to Pilgrims for PEACE One Campaign another action today

800 # to call Senators for increase funding.

When you call 1-800-786-2ONE (1-800-786-2663), you will be asked to enter your zip code — this is so you can be routed directly to the correct Senator's office in Washington, DC.

I am a constituent of YOUR TOWN in YOUR STATE . Be specific!
You're calling with the ONE campaign.
You're calling to ask your Senator to support the Santorum-Durbin Amendment for global AIDS funding.

• "This amendment is important because it will bring total U.S. funding for an important program called the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to $600 million-— a one-third share of what's needed to keep existing programs on the ground running."

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria is an efficient, accountable, results-oriented international effort to prevent and treat these three killer diseases. It is a streamlined, independent; public-private partnership created to mobilize new resources, and is independent from the UN and other international bodies.
Development assistance reflects the best American tradition of compassion and generosity. Americans have an opportunity to lead the world in saving millions of lives and restoring stability in the poorest countries in the world.

I think this is only for a day or so. So do it ASAP thanks for caring!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The late Dr. David Kelly-Judith Miller-Palme outing -Rove-Brewster Jennings-pieces of a puzzle

that may present a very big picture if and when solved.

I have spent a good part of my day drawn to the compelling story of Dr. David Kelly, and in paticular that e-mail he sent to Judith Miller-NYT's reporter currently in jail, apparently a big AEI and PNAC fan, and co-author of a book with neocon Laurie Mylroie. see;,2763,1254072,00.html interesting related article.
Shortly before his suicide or (murder?) British WMD inspector Dr. David Kelly,who apparently told the truth to the BBC concerning the yellow cake forgeries and other WMD lies and exaggerations sent this e-mail to Judy;

"I will wait til the end of the week before judging - many dark actors playing games. thanks for your support. I appreciate your friendship at this time".
How do these stories relate?
I now believe petty revenge was only part of the reason for the Palme outing- sort of a bonus. Her outing was much more useful device....

Brewster Jennings the now defunct CIA front operation was a huge, multi-national opearation with offices in WDC and Boston, and was active in the tracking of the proliferation of WMDs, and employed agents and/or correspondents in Iraq, North Korea, Belarus, Russia, South Africa, Iran, Israel, China, Pakistan, Congo (Kinshasa), India, Taiwan, Libya, Syria, Serbia, and Malaysia.
When Valerie Plame’s was outed this entire operation was blown including MANY other agents 'non-official' covers. All the U.S. operatives /contacts within foreign governments and businesses were rendered obsolete and many were endangered.

Saudi Arabia was and still should be a country reguarded with suspician, so the CIA's Plame operation was vital. One of their established connections was with Aramco.
I had written elsewhere prior to the election concerning Aramco, the BCCI, Mahfouz, the Saudi Royals and BushInc.'s suspected links to terrorist.
"The Boston Globe reported that in 2001 ARAMCO had signed a $140 million multi-year contract with Halliburton, then chaired by Dick Cheney, to develop a new oil field. Halliburton does a lot of business in Saudi Arabia. Current estimates of Halliburton contracts or joint ventures in the country run into the tens of billions of dollars."

More details will be revealed I hope.
Any way -stay up on this; the Palme outing is much more significant, and goes far beyond mere revenge. Some info from above wikipedia link and;

Care 2 DSM event listed link to links

Petition/letter to BUSH and the Whitehouse press core! (gee will G/G get it?) LINK

This one is from the folks who know how to deliver (sometimes) anyway I think they can learn if they LISTEN to US! Concerns Rovegate- you may add your comments. Air America has one as well, and is always worth checking out- I usually listen on line.

and of course for more info on the below go to they have important information and great resources. Thank you as always, for caring!

BTW all of my Downing St. Memo related products at cafeexpress is sold at cost- donate your money direct-I do donate any profits also when and if I make any. just search DSM, fraud , impeach and you should find plenty. THANKS!

7/23 DSM days-House party with the best, and all the rest! LINK

WOW I really wish I could be at one of these. I almost signed up for one NOT far from me that is going to involve BARBEQUE!!!!!
JOHN CONYERS, JOE WILSON and Rhandi RHODES These folks are HEROS and they tell it like it is! THE TRUTH!
July 23rd is the 3-year anniversary of the drafting of the Downing Street Minutes. I am organizing a series of house parties on this date throughout the country in order to broaden public understanding of how Karl Rove and the Bush Administration have manipulated intelligence, deceived the American people, and misled our nation into war.

The one I normally would attend is actually full, which is GREAT!!!! news actually. I'm sure they would let me come and chill, but I have family commitments. I do sincerely want to stay up on this issue and absolutely WANT to know how it goes, and am considering checking around in the neighborhood I'm visitning, via moveon or the above LINK-to see if I can crash one, ya never know- maybe they will have BARBEQUE!
EVEN if YOU can NOT attend one or host one, and they will help you meet like minded friends- and they are out there even if you don't know it BELIEVE ME!!!! Click on the above LINK for information and more links- do yourself a favor! Maybe some of us can have an after the party-party for our friends who were out of touch -especially the out of touch with relaity -and many folks are -especially in the crazy days of summer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Howard Dean's letter/petition re: ROVE betrayal LINK

George H.W. Bush said "... I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious of traitors." That's from a speech on April 26, 1999.
Someone (at least 1, but more likely in on it) in the BushInc. did a (below from an e-mailed petition from Howard Dean link above)
"treacherous, potentially criminal thing: a senior administration official leaked the identity of a covert CIA operative. They endangered the agent's life and compromised our national security in a time of war."

also feel free to cut and paste these other worthwhile petition/letters you can edit them;

Verified Voting Lobby Days pics LINKS info and more LINK here

I have some information on the tragic, yet inspiring life and struggles of Andy Stephenson of VOTE TRUST here, as well as links to donate to Verified Voting org.s in his memory.
He was one of many heros working very hard to restore our democracy. He said, in reguards to election fraud / elctronic-non-verifiable voting, over a year ago;
"Let people know this is happening. Do what you can." so I am...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

MOVE On- FIRE ROVE- LINK THANKS and here is another one, cut and paste if link does not work.

WE have to keep the heat on. They have turned on the BU**SH**INC.'s spew on cue machines. so do whatever you can!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Fire Rove petition!

You may add your own comments!
this is all about trying to supress the truth, and promote the lies and deliberate distortions as revealed in the Downing St. Memo and related documents.

Henry Waxman "TREASON" ?!?! LINK to letter on Buzz flash.

Rep. Waxman Calls for Hearing Into Rove's Role in Outing of CIA Agent
The recent disclosures about Mr. Rove's actions have such serious implications that we can no longer responsibly ignore them. The intentional disclosure of a covert CIA agent's identity would be an act of treason.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Our Supreme Court. 5 easy actions you can take to help preserve our rights and freedoms below, but please do even more if you can! Posted by Picasa

We need a Uniter! Judge Ed Prado ?!

Here is an outstanding judge, who has won the repsect of Democrats and republicnas evidently.
"Nominated by Republicans and supported by Democrats, Judge Prado has earned bi-partisan support as an extremely intelligent, moderate, fair-minded jurist in his 20 years on the federal bench." Please read about his and then if you agree sign the petition and pass this information on.


The Senate must stand up to President Bush and demand a Supreme Court nominee who will protect the rights and freedoms of the American people.
This would also make a good short easy to understand message on a post card! change it of course to fit your specific feelings. go beyond the vitual world.
This is an absolutely critical moment for our senators to hear directly from the people—and our message is clear: PROTECT OUR RIGHTS!

Don't allow BU**SH**INC. to scrape SCUM from the bottom of the barrel for someone corrupt enough, and extreme enough to fit their agenda!

SAVE the COURT! LINK-letter/petition -send as is or edit

Constitutional rights and freedoms will be affected for decades based on what we as a people do in the coming months. We need to speak up now to demand that the president nominate someone who will protect the individual rights and freedoms Americans cherish, not someone who would use the court to promote a far right political agenda.

Please take action! The ramifications of this extends beyond many elections, and our elections could become even more futile, just another waste of our limited resources, if this trend continues.

Petition for a fair and independent judiciary

Consensus makes sense! We must prevent hard core right wing extremist or cruel, torture condoning, corrupt BushInc.cronies to dominate our lives for such a long time.

Nominate a Supreme Court Justice we can all support LINK

Please join me in encouraging President Bush to select a Supreme Court nominee who.... will receive unanimous support in the Senate.
Well qualified, honest judges are out there! We do not need to scrape the bottom of the barrel! This is the highest honor in the legal profession! Please hit above-petition/letter link.

Friday, July 08, 2005

3 pages of anti-Bush PINS, Postcards, T-shirts etc.

Bush Inc. Lies! It's all about intimidation, revenge and greed. Posted by Hello
I have the 3 links set to rotate. Just click the graphic on top of each page. All profits to Voter's Unite or Impeach-Bush org. I have a very small mark up from origional/base Cafe-express prices -some no mark up at all- I just would like to see folks use the stuff really. that's why you can also use any graphics to help in anyway! Thanks! -Jaci

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Joe Wilson on BushInc. Citizens for Legitimate Gov. LINK

This is a radical regime, not a Republican administration. It is the most oppressive crowd I have ever seen and is a real threat to our republic.

The bombings in London are tragic. Sadly some are using this as an insane way to proclaim the Bu**Sh**Inc.'s war legit, and wise. It is of course the opposite. It has terrorized innocent people, and promoted hate and terror. It has robbed US of the resources needed to combat terror by legal and wise precautions; like upgrading our Coast Guard's antiquated fleets and capabilities.

I am very pleased to point out the BUZZ Flash NEWS Headlines and LINK now in the side bar! Read reality! Stay informed and act on your convictions!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Freeway blogger link -you ROCK our world! LINK

I did it- on a major shopping district - leading to the city -should have brought something to hang it flat but I think the message of our democracy being under distress was apparent. Posted by Picasa
Well the holiday week end is over- but I'm not waiting til' Sept to do something- keep thinking and reading- stay on top of things- so much is happening!

Does this frighten anyone? link Military's Homeland Security force

It should be reassuring but when viewed as another powerful tool of the BushInc. cabal -which tramples on people's rights- and wants to win and retain it's power at any coust to US, I find it worrisome. there also recently were reports on the military collecting information- they were NOT entitled too.
Pentagon to Share Data With Civilian Agencies
The document, titled "Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support," was signed June 24 by acting Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England and is now a basis for organizing troops, developing weapons and assigning missions. It was released late last week without the sort of formal news conference or background briefing that often accompanies major defense policy statements.

Sorry, but it does remind me of what we used to see in the movies -harsh and ruthless-secret police forces-in regeimes overtly hostile and oppressive toward any dissentors. Perhaps with their 'inside'information they won't even have to wait for a protest= they can just round up the folks ahead of time and prevent any distrubance! I wonder if this force will be fully functioning by Sept 24th?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Vets for PEACE 4th of JULY Declaration of Impeachment! LINK

I have mixed feelings about this. I do beleive as a statement this rings true- and as a sign proclaiming our current dire straits; I'm totally in agreement, but I will continue to fly my main flag upright in the hope that WE SHALL OVERCOME and WE SHALL PREVAIL againgst the EVIL that is the BUSHINC. Ok Freeway blogger fans-will I have the nerve to go post this-somewhere useful.....Hopefully, I'll be back to let you know. Have a meaningful 4th! Posted by Picasa
Thank you VETS for Peace- there is a petition there too.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

This one will continue to break next week, and hopefully break the BushInc. cabal wide open. The truth shall set US free! Posted by Picasa

Project for the OLD American Century LINK

Have a meaningful 4th of July! Posted by Picasa this site is following this issue- also has great back ground information on the CIA agent Valerie Palme case.This is an awesome, informative web/news site.
Will this finally be the outrage that will open people's eyes/ears?
Help them notice-help them hear it. Do what you can!

Bush's Turd Blossum caught in July 4th weekend event!

reminiscent of those greased piggy competitions they used to have on Independence Day.
Time mag to OUT ROVE in Palme case 4:54 AM
Quote:McLaughlin Group political talk show, Lawrence O'Donnell, senior MSNBC political analyst, claimed to know that name--and it is, according to him, top White House mastermind Karl Rove.

 Posted by Picasa
So our holier than thou- TURD Blossum is the one who outed the CIA Palme (Wilson's wife) agent via Gannon /Guckert to Novak! I wonder if he squealed louder when he was caught or porked.
Does this mean all those that played nasty TREASONOUS games with G/G the Whitehouse CALL boy will be outed?
...and what if anything does this have to do with Saudi UN ambassador Royal and Bush buddy Bandar's sudden departure back to Saudi Arabia (a jealous tanrum or something more sinister???)?

Friday, July 01, 2005

Tony Blair Confirms Authenticity of Downing Street Memo

Bush administration was "fixing" the intelligence and facts about Saddam Hussein’s regime to back up a decision that had been taken to invade Iraq as early as July 2002.
so-here we go? Right? fireworks! I am so ready for this!

Happy July 4th- make it REAL meaningful! Impeach Bush PIC link

I am flying my flags! and showing my true blue colors! Best wishes to all!