Monday, June 20, 2005

When we lose our freedoms, when our economy is in ruins, and our quality of life...

March on Washington DC  Posted by Hello
... is sinking (think about our schools, environment, health care etc.) have the terrorist won? The terrorist that lives in the big Whitehouse where the prostitute roved has won- in some ways; Fuelling Terror
This is not really anything new-but it is all the more disturbing- how little attention this receives in our mainstream media; the Iron Triangle / war profiteers-Carlyle Group- the BushInc., Saudi Royals
According to a new report from the Arms Trade Resource Center based at World Policy Institute,New York,
United States has increased Arms supplies and sales to some of the World's most "Repressive and undemocratic regimes".These supplies are playing a fuelling role in world's burning conflicts like, Uzbekistan,Chad,Angola,Ethiopia,Colombia,Afghanistan. The report also claims that "Foreign Military Fund"(FMF-US's largest military aid program)is now touching the 6.0 Billion dollar mark,mostly provided to the countries where human rights violation is a common practice(and US law prohibits any arms deals with any such country).
So;in situation like this there rises a question in the mind of all those, believing in the welfare of the world that,is "Super Power" ending the terror or fueling it? Really it is time to ACT! More information will be coming on a march on WDC to say NO MORE BU**SH**! something has to be done concerning; so many lies, that have brought so much harm, to so many people.

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